A Look at the Patriots Brilliance

We all know that players such as Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are killing machines of the field and the top offensive pieces for the New England Patriots roster. As we get ready for Super Bowl XLIX action between the Seattle Seahawks and the beloved Pats, is time to give a quick look at some of the most exciting and thrilling plays recorded last season by this talented trio.

See “The Gronk” in action.

Tom Brady’s NFL Record

28 career playoff starts for quarterback
28 career playoff games for quarterback
9 career NFL conference championship appearances for quarterback
6 career NFL conference championship wins for quarterback
12 career division titles for quarterback
20 career playoff wins for quarterback
Most career postseason passing yards
49 career playoff passing touchdowns
6 Super Bowl appearances by a starting quarterback

Career NFL statistics as of 2014
Receptions: 266
Receiving yards:  2,742
Receiving TDs: 14
Passing TDs : 1 (postseason)

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