5 Noteworthy New England Patriots' Moments in the Super Bowl
The New England Patriots have achieved many great things over time. The team surpassed the Cowboys, Steelers, and Broncos in the AFC Championship win for most NFL appearances. Many of these achievements have been seen during the reign of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Even with their great successes, New England players have had to deal with some painful losses as well. The most illustrious periods of this team, however, can be summed up in 5 key moments. Here they are:
5. Super Bowl XXXVI
Troy Brown and his stoppage-time catch
During this game against the Rams, nobody was expecting the Patriots to go any harder than they had in the game that was now stalled at 17-17. The unexpected however happened when Vinatieri found himself on field-goal range after some successful strikes and passes from Brown and running back J.R. Redmond. Analyst and coach John Madden had nothing short of praise for the youngsters after they pulled the move.
4. Super Bowl XLIX
Julian Edelman and Brady's play against the Seahawks
One of the most memorable events during Super Bowl XLIX was when Brady set up Julian Edelman to get the winning score. Speaking on the winning, Brady commented that he saw the perfect opportunity in Jules who was in position. When he made the hit, he was hoping that Jules would make a catch. Jules made the catch and the whole plan worked out great for the team.
3. Super Bowl XXXVIII
Adam Vinatieri and his 41-yard boot for the win against the Panthers
This is probably one of the most significant moves in a Super Bowl game. In a 29-29 deadlock against the Panthers, Vinatieri knew that his kick had the potential of determining the game that was technically done. The rest of the team also knew that he would most likely go for the kick since this was his specialty. As expected by most, the final drive turned out to be the moment that the team and the fans were hoping for.
2. Super Bowl XLIX
Malcolm Butler's extraordinary interception saves the team
The Seahawks had a plan hatched on how they would win the game. With Russell Wilson's throw to the receiver, the team hoped to deceive the Patriots. This did not work out however as Belichick had anticipated the move and prepared his cornerbacks. Butler was the rookie who foresaw the play and he did exactly what he was supposed to do. His interception came to be the single play that saved the day.
1. Super Bowl XXXVI
Vinatieri and the 48-yard field goal that won the match against the Rams
Vinatieri made several great last-minute moves but his goal against the Rams is the most significant. The two coaches already had a great resume before this game. The team could also have done with the trophies that were already in their possession. But the goal by Vinatieri was what would catapult the Patriots into an era of domination. Their exemplary performance against the Rams proved to be a benchmark on just how far the team had come. Vinatieri's goal was thus quite important.


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