Colorful Look at New England Stadium History
The New England Patriots have a long home stadium history. The team started playing at the Gillette Stadium in 2002 and here, they would go on to conquer the NFL as they bagged the top title. Indeed, the Gillette Stadium is home to the Patriots and this facility was privately financed by Kraft at a whooping $350 million. The Kraft Group runs this stadium that houses all the administrative wings of the team. The venue also hosts administrative offices of the Major League Soccer team known as the New England Revolution; also owned by Kraft. In the 2006 season, the field was fitted with turf replacing the natural grass.
Around the stadium, a host of developments also came up in a project worth $375 million. This development was designed to cater to lifestyle and entertainment; and was named the Patriot Place. One of the most notable structures is a high-rise restaurant and bar called CBS Scene. These facilities rejuvenated the location with a lot of growth being witnessed from 2007. Before moving to their current home, the Patriots played at the Foxboro Stadium which was established in the 1970s. In the American Football League days, the team played at a host of stadia including the Harvard Stadium, Braves Field, Fenway Park and Alumni Stadium. The team was known as the Boston Patriots.
Gillette Stadium - 2002 - present
As hinted above, this facility opened in 2002 and it replaced the old Foxboro Stadium. This facility has a seating capacity of 65, 878 with 89 luxury suites and 5, 876 club seats. Kraft Sports Group which is a subsidiary of The Kraft Group owns and runs this stadium. Both Patriots and Revolution are owned by businessman Robert Kraft through the companies mentioned. Since moving into the stadium, the Patriots have sold out all home games. This goes to show how formidable their home-base is. The team has also not disappointed over the years with a notable winning streak to the delight of eager fans.
Foxboro Stadium - 1971 - 2001
This facility opened in August 1971 under the name Schaefer Stadium in Massachusetts. It was the home of the newly renamed New England Patriots from Boston Patriots. The facility would later be known a the Sullivan Stadium. Before this facility was built, the team had to play at other facilities including baseball stadiums like Fenway Park, which was not very conducive for the game. When this stadium opened its doors, the NFL team was delighted to have a custom football field to call home. In 2002, this facility was brought down to pave way for the Gillette Stadium and the Patriot Place shopping center.
Harvard Stadium - 1970
This facility was built in 1903 and is owned and operated by Harvard University. It was built using a pioneering method utilizing reinforced concrete. The U-shaped college football stadium hosted the Boston Patriots for one season in 1970 before they moved to Foxborough. This facility is home to the Harvard Crimson football program and has a seating capacity of 30,323. In 1987, this arena was declared a National Historic Landmark as the oldest permanent concrete structure for college athletics.
Alumni Stadium - 1969
This facility has a seating capacity of 44,500 and is home to the Boston College Eagles. This venue has hosted many activity ranging from religious to cultural activities. In the 1969 season, the facility hosted the Boston Patriots of the American Football League. During a preseason game against Washington, a fire broke out in the stadium sending fans scampering for safety. There were no serious injuries reported.
Fenway Park - 1963-1968
This is a baseball field that has been renovated over the years. The Boston Patriots called it home from 1963 to 1968 after moving from the Nickerson Field. This venue has hosted all manner of activities and engagements from soccer to baseball and football. From 1926, this park hosted many teams including the Boston Bulldogs of the American Football League. November 2018 is when the annual Harvard Yale game will be hosted at the stadium.
Nickerson Field
This field is located on the campus of Boston University in Boston. This outdoor athletic stadium is where the Boston Patriots played in the beginning of 1960 in their first seasons. This had been home to the Boston Braves and the seating capacity then was 20,000. This arena played a key role in shaping what would be an iconic team in the NFL. The Patriots have indeed come a long way to enjoy a home that suits them best.

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