New England Patriots Ranking for Super Bowl
What are the Patriots odds to win Super Bowl? Can the fans expect a big achievement? This will be New England’s tenth trip to the Super Bowl. A lot of speculations are coming up. The team has participated in one in the first twenty and two in the thirty-five. If you are curious about the result, you can go to the ranking given below.
Patriots Patriots Super Bowls
Super Bowl championships: 5
2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016
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8. Super Bowl XXXI
Patriots Loss » 35-21 to Green Bay Packers
Though the team was very confident, still, it could not survive against the powerful Green Bay Packers. They played well but did not get the success. All the things went in the favor of the opposition and the result was obvious. Terry Glenn was the key receiver.

7. Super Bowl XLVI
Patriots Loss » 21-17 to New York Giants
Patriot did not get success in this game. The team started to fall 5-3 after back-to-back defeats. The team was powerful with Tom Brady. He did well with 5, 235 yards. For the first time, this great player topped 5, 000.

6. Super Bowl XXXVIII
Patriots Win » 32-29 to Carolina Panthers
This game went in the favor of the Patriots. The New England managed to win with 14-1 down. For the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, people started to take the Patriots seriously and thought they have a great future. With this win, Patriots felt more confident than ever.

5. Super Bowl XXXVI
Patriots Win »20-17 to St. Louis Rams
You can say that it was the first achievement. The savior of the game was Tom Brady. He performed well for the team that resulted in an unexpected victory. There were many heroes in the game. The performance made him to rank 19th in the total offense and 24thin the total defense. They also ranked sixth both in the defense and offense. With this achievement, the series of the success started.

4. Super Bowl XLIX
Patriots Win » 28-24 to Seattle Seahawks
This was another success. The team was not in a good form. The expectations of the fans are not high. People started to believe that they do not have any luck in this Super Bowl. But all the speculation proved wrong and the team recovered from the loss and registered the win against Seattle Seahawks. Tom Brady was the hero of this game. He threw for 328 yards with four- touchdown. Some decisions made by Belichick's also contributed to the success of the Patriots. His refusal to call a timeout was not favorable for the team. The result was well-known.

3. Super Bowl LI
Patriots Win » 34-28 to Atlanta Falcons
The team was in full sprit after all the wins and records. The environment was favorable and the fans were supportive. It is just like they are going to play a winning match. With this game, Tom Brady became the greatest quarter of the game of all time. All are satisfied with his performance. In fact, he was more confident than ever. You can say that it was one of the best performances of the team.

2. Super Bowl XXXIX
Patriots Win » 24-21 to Philadelphia Eagles
The Patriot dynasty was stretching the success for around seventeen years. That made the dynasty one of the great teams of the history. The Patriots started to perform well in all the games. The team members were playing well. The New England was achieving successes and the team was dedicated to achieve more in the upcoming games. Patriots finished their regular season at 14-2. With this, the team ranked second in scoring D Corey Dillon’s twelve touchdowns and 1, 635 yards and four in scoring offense. Belichick, Romeo Crennel, and Charlie Weis came together for the last time in this game. They celebrated the success for a long time.

1. Super Bowl XLII
Patriots Loss » 17-14 to New York Giants
This was another failure recorded in the history of the Patriots. The fans were not satisfied with the result as it ended with a big loss. Obviously, no one was expecting a loss when the team was really performing well. But it did not affect the ranking. The team was breaking all the records in the regular season and that offered the number one position. Yes, the team was ranked no.1. Brady and players were not satisfied with their performance in Super Bowl. But from their performance in all Super Bowl games, it is clear that you will need a team like the Patriots if you want to register a win in Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Betting Odds

Teams Spread Total ML
Eagles +4½ -115 O 48 +155
Patriots -4½ -105 O 48 -190

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