Most Memorable Regular-Season Games in Belichick’s Era
The New England Patriots is one of the most successful teams in the NFL, which has played some excitingly memorable games, in the course of their run of brilliance in the last 17 years.
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It is also important to note that the postseason takes account of most of their memorable games. These include the January 19, 2002 Tuck Rule game, winning two Super Bowl with the last play and taking advantage of a missed last kick to emerge victorious in an AFC Championship game. Coming back from not one, but two 14-point deficits. Furthermore, in their 2014 divisional round, the Patriots bounced back from trailing 14 points twice. See if you agree with the ranking of their three most memorable games during Belichick’s era ranked according to their extraordinariness.

Number 3: Picked Off
Game: 2007 | Patriots 24, Colts 20
When the Patriots played the Colts in one of their most anticipated games in Week 9 of the 2007 regular season, both teams were
yet to lose any of their games. In 2006, Belichick’s boys had lost to the Colts after an impressive comeback from their Indy opponents. This game was their first meeting after the Colts won the Super Bowl the previous season. New England had won their previous three games with more than 47 points before playing the Colts.
Halfway through the game, the Colts led with a 13-7 score line, and by the fourth quarter, 20-10. It seems the inclusion of Tom Brady fired up the entire team after Randy Moses made a wonderful 55-yard catch for a TD, and Donte Stallworth added another one after a 33-yard strike. Even though the Indianapolis Colts created a perfect drive for Manning to seal a nerve-wracking win, Jarvis Green flung him down, as Rosevelt Colvin picked the loose ball to end the game. Eventually, the Patriots ended the regular season 16-0.

Number 2: Making a Stand
Game: 2003 | Patriots 38, Colts 34
In 2003, the RCA Dome was the venue for a showdown between the Patriots Brady and the Colts Manning , with both teams 9-2. By the third quarter of this epic game, New England led their stubborn opponents 31-10; however, as soon as the fourth quyater begun, Indy scored 21 points in succession placing the game at 31-31 stalemate. Amidst it all, a 67-yarder placed Bethel Johnson in a scoring position to reach the end zone, as Deion Branch added another TD with a 13-yard strike from Tom Brady.
Indy’s lucky break began when Kevin Faulk fumbled with the ball in the last three minutes of the game and Ken Walter’s 18-yard punt
followed. Even with a promising second chance, no one reached the end zone. With 14 seconds left, the supposedly injured Willie McGinest stopped Edgerrin James in his tracks as he sprinted his way to make a touchdown. The Patriots did it again! As they crisscrossed the field in jubilation, Indy’s painful loss was catalyzed by the notion that McGinest had supposedly falsified his injury for
the Patriots defense to reorganize themselves in the dying seconds of the game.

Number 1: Perfect Ending
Game: 2007 | Patriots 38, Giants 35
The 2007 season kick started with the anticipation that Randy Moss and Tom Brady would transform New England offense. One
memorable déjà vu play that produced Moss’s TD resulted from a 65-yarder in their opener against the Jets in which he managed to evade three defenders. He pulled off a similar play in the same stadium in the concluding game of the regular NFL season. Moss ended the season with a record 23 TDs, Tom Brady with a record 50 TD passes, AS the team took pride in their first 16-0 season in the history of the league.
In the midst of all these happenings, how the teams competed was the most memorable factor in this matchup. Irrespective of the outcome, the Giants had to face Tampa Bay Buccaneers the following weekend in a Wild Card Round game. In the final minutes of the third quarter, the Giants led 28-16, which was a real wake up call for New England. The almost killed their opponent’s confidence by playing so competitively in a game previewing Super Bowl XLII. The Patriots responded with a 38-35 final score to seal their first unbeaten regular season since the Miami Dolphins did it in 1972.


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