Tom Brady Unimpressed with his Preseason Performance vs the Eagles
The 2018 preseason has seen a tremendous progress for Tom Brady when it comes to his stat line as seen in their enjoyable game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though the New England Patriots won the game 37-20 on Thursday last week, the QB Brady still felt unimpressed with his individual performance. On Tuesday, the 41-year-old veteran expressed his sentiments citing that during the game, he felt out of practice to some extent even though many fans gave thumbs up for Tom Brady’s performance.

Patriots Odds for Super Bowl 53 High with Eagles as Top Contenders
Las Vegas oddsmakers have suggested that the top NFL teams; New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are likely to meet in the final showdown of the 2018-2019 season once again. As the preseason activities heat up this week, OddsShark has stated that these top teams are more likely to battle for the top trophy in the coming months. Many have agreed that indeed the Patriots odds are high. This news brings renewed hope to Patriots fans who in many ways are yet to come to terms with the 2017-2018 defeat in the final match. New England is living to fight another day.

Rumors at New England Prompt Brief Line Removal from Board
Major rumors about the New England Patriots led to the brief removal of Patriots' odds line from board by Vegas oddsmakers on Friday. Tongues are wagging about the possible departure of talented tight end Rob Gronkowski from the Patriots. Vegas oddsmakers have a history of removing odds after certain events However, this case has come as a surprise considering that the big news is still just a rumor. Even so, many cannot help but wonder about the New England Patriots odds for the coming season. Could this drama and uncertainty affect the team?

Eagles and Patriots will Most Likely Battle for Super Bowl 53
Oddsmakers continue to suggest that it will be a two-horse race between New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles for Super Bowl 53. Oddsmaker Bovada has predicted that the Patriots will meet the Eagles for the third time in a bid to capture the top title in the various NFL conferences. Patriots odds to win the AFC have been set at 30.7% by the oddsmaker. Following closely in their prediction are the Steelers with an 18.2% probability of winning the conference. This team is one to watch and could be a game changer in the coming season owing to their previous performances. This is according to a selection of oddsmakers.

Odds Are Out - Predictions For Most Likely Super Bowl LIII Matchups
It's a perfect time for speculations about the mostly likely teams to contend the 53rd Super Bowl title. One of the teams that sticks out in these predictions is the Houston Texans. The team slipped to a 4-12 record to finish the 2017 season despite showing very promising signs at the beginning after Deshaun Watson (a rookie quarterback) became a legitimate playmaker at the under center. However, his early departure due to ACL tear during a practice session after week 9 action and injury suffered by J.J. Watt (franchise edge rusher) brought their season to 1-9 record down. With the re-emergence of Watt and Watson, Texans is expected to propel back into a promising position in their AFC south division that features Tennessee and Jacksonville as the legitimate postseason candidates.

The 2018 Patriots Schedule is Now Out
The NFL has announced the much awaited 2018 season schedule and the New England Patriots will now play 5 nationally-televised games which includes 3 Sundays night games, 1 Monday night game and a Thursday night game. The AFC defending champ will play all these games in a 7-week stretch. This also includes three in a 5-week period at home. Among the 3 prime time games to be played at the prestigious Gillette Stadium will be on the night of October 4th against their rivals Indianapolis Colts, on October 14th night they'll meet with the Kansas City Chiefs and on Sunday Nov. 4 it will be head-to-head with Green Bay Packers.

Player Kicks 67-Yard Field Goal
Eventhough it wasn't a New England player, this 67-yard field goal has to be watched by everyone.... Everyone!!

NFL Predictions and Super Bowl Odds
The 2017 NFL season ended over two months ago, and NFL teams have already started tinkering with their rosters in order to contend for a championship next year. Even though they lost to the Eagles in the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots Odds to Win Super Bowl has them as the favorite to hoist the Lombardi trophy next season.

Analyzing the High Patriots Odds for Super Bowl Success Current Season
With Brandin Cooks already traded to the Rams, the New England Patriots have secured a first-round pick for a suitable quarterback. The 2018 market for a QB is now the focus for Bill Belichick, and it seems they still want to make more trades. Brandin Cooks trade to the Rams had implications in the NFL, which almost affected the Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. as well as the Cardinals. It is important to note that even Gronkowski almost became part of the deal. However, as we prepare to see the new Patriots players for the next season, let us examine the implications for the first-round drafted quarterbacks.
The New England Patriots established in 1959 is a team with a high probability of a win. The Greater Boston based Patriots odds for winning the Super Bowl has increased with the presence of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The team is the original member of the American Football League (AFL) and joined NFL in 1970. It was earlier named as Boston Patriots and renamed as New England Patriots (1971) after the relocation to Foxborough. The five-time Super Bowl championship winner has the potential to reclaim the victory the current season with its player combination and unique strategy.

NFL VP Admits to Double Standards in Super Bowl Catch Rule
With the NFL changes to the catch rule on the fly, New England had to suffer the consequences to lose the top championship. Eagles players made some controversial moves on their way to take the top title. These moves were eagerly reviewed with touchdowns being awarded at the end. There were no in-completion rulings and this meant that Philadelphia effectively silenced the Patriots to lift the top trophy. All this amid cheering fans who would have been heartbroken, if the catches ruling would have curtailed the Eagles' win.

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