New England Patriots have some Dark Spots in Team History
New England Patriots odds are in question, especially when we take into account their worst moments that left a huge mark on their history.

Patriots Gave Love on Valentine's Day
It might not be a marriage or meeting your son's first girlfriend... It's just the Patriots giving some love to the world on Valentine's Day

Greatest Super Bowl Moments
Even though they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, The Patriots odds to win the Super Bowl next year is the best in the NFL because the team always finds a way to win since Bill Belichick made Tom Brady the starter, going to eight Super Bowls and winning five during that span.

New England Patriots After the 2018 Super Bowl Loss: What Next?
After the Patriots' anti-climax on Super Bowl Sunday, Rob Gronkowski, the star tight end could be thinking of retiring.

2019 Super Bowl odds
Patriots didn't in the win but they got the odds for the next big game.

Why the Patriots will be the 2018 Super Bowl Winners
For most fans who are sitting on the fence, supporting either the Patriots or the Eagles may not sound amusing. However, the Sunday showdown will be more intriguing if you pick one side to support.

New England Patriots will play The Philadelphia Eagles in NFL Super Bowl
The Super Bowl 52 contenders have been announced. The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will face off this February 4th. The game will take place the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Any Successful Venture Attracts Tension, Says Patriots Owner
New England's head coach Bill Belichick has on many occasions addressed the rumored tension within the organization in the media. Tom Brady has also had to come out in a bid to provide some answers to the public on the same.

New England Patriots or Jacksonville Jaguars: Who Will Take It?
In the last four seasons, the New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl twice. They are now spearheading a campaign to bag their third title. If they win, this will be a second consecutive victory at the grand title.

Comparing Patriots defenses with former Super Bowl defenses
After completing another successful season on a high, the defense of the New England Patriots did not play to their level best, especially in the opening quarter of the season.