Odds Are Out - Predictions For Most Likely Super Bowl LIII Matchups
It's a perfect time for speculations about the mostly likely teams to contend the 53rd Super Bowl title. One of the teams that sticks out in these predictions is the Houston Texans. The team slipped to a 4-12 record to finish the 2017 season despite showing very promising signs at the beginning after Deshaun Watson (a rookie quarterback) became a legitimate playmaker at the under center. However, his early departure due to ACL tear during a practice session after week 9 action and injury suffered by J.J. Watt (franchise edge rusher) brought their season to 1-9 record down. With the re-emergence of Watt and Watson, Texans is expected to propel back into a promising position in their AFC south division that features Tennessee and Jacksonville as the legitimate postseason candidates.
Of course, many can guess which two teams are likely to make it in Super Bowl LIII, but according to most oddsmakers, one contenders comfortably stands out and that is the New England Patriots. Out of 10 potential matchups that have been released, the AFC East teams have taken six positions. The Patriots odds remain high as the team that is likely to win the Super Bowl LIII.
Here are the Ten likeliest Super Bowl Matchups as released by Sports Insights
1. Patriots Vs Eagles (+1800)
According to Sports Insights odds matchups, the most likeliest Super Bowl matchup is the 52nd game rematch that took place early this year that saw the Patriots and the Eagles going head to head. On the paper, these two teams remain the favorites to lift their respective divisions. Philadelphia is currently on a high after clinching their first Super Bowl title.
2. Patriots Vs Rams (+2480)
The Rams remind us the noise they made in the 2017 season when the team was leading the NFL for scoring offense per game, which is a mantle they took from their rivals Atlanta Falcons. However, these dreams were brought to an end by the Falcons in the Wild Card Round. In 2018, the Rams are at it again with their super star quarterback Jared Goff, together with a running back Todd Gurley. This time they have also included a new wideout player Brandin Cooks from the Patriots.
3. Steelers Vs Eagles (+2625)
A possibility of an all Pennsylvania finals was always in the cards where Pittsburgh and Philadelphia were headed for a collision course in 2017. However, Steelers fell to Jacksonville during the AFC divisional round, but the Jags succumbed to the New England Patriots a week later. The Eagles are predicted to win the 53rd Super Bowl for a second straight.
4. Patriots Vs Packets (+2650)
The prolonged absence of their key player Aaron Rodger (quarterback) was a big blow to the Packers in 2017 season after he suffered a serious collarbone injury. He is expected back in 2018 at the under center position and with their new offense Jimmy Graham at the tight-end, things look much better this season. Another notable player is Muhammad Wilkerson who joined the team as a free agent from New York.
5. Patriots Vs Vikings (+3450)
The Vikings managed to play at the conference title game in 2017, but were easily thrashed by the Philadelphia. This season Vikings have brought in Kirk Cousins (quarterback) in a record-setting contract. He is expected to repeat his success for record passing to a team that is known for its strong defensive front.
6. Texans Vs Eagles (+3600)
The Texans began their 2017 season on a high note, but the season injuries saw their performance slide down when two of their key starting players J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson suffered serious injuries. Their return has given the team new hopes to contend in their AFC South division title.
7. Steelers Vs Rams (+3775)
The Steelers are the favorites to win the AFC North, many feel that they might go ahead and win the Super Bowl. That will be an NFL record for Steelers, as they would lift their seventh Lombardi title.
8. Patriots Vs Saints (+3825)
Currently, the Saints are the defending champion for NFC South and they're coming into 2018 season well equipped with an efficient quarterback. The Saints have also rejuvenated their defense by getting elite play from their young stars. This team is expected to repeat their 2017 season success. However, the Saints have to prove that the absence of Mark Ingram is not fatal to this team in 2018 season.
9. Steelers Vs Packers (+3825)
To many, this is the most likely matchup judging by the original odds. The Pittsburgh came into the offseason as the fourth best team to win Lombardi title with earning 11/1, while the Packers were among the very top favorites with their earning of 14/1 odds.
10. Patriots Vs Falcons (+4050)
Most people in Atlanta are not interested to know when last these two rivals met in the Super Bowl. The Falcons still boast of their infamous 28-3 lead against the Patriots. In 2018 season, the Falcons will bring back the line-up that saw them go to Super Bowl and will become the first team in the history of NFL to clinch the Super Bowl Trophy in their own stadium.


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