Eagles and Patriots will Most Likely Battle for Super Bowl 53
Oddsmakers continue to suggest that it will be a two-horse race between New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles for Super Bowl 53. Oddsmaker Bovada has predicted that the Patriots will meet the Eagles for the third time in a bid to capture the top title in the various NFL conferences. Patriots odds to win the AFC have been set at 30.7% by the oddsmaker. Following closely in their prediction are the Steelers with an 18.2% probability of winning the conference. This team is one to watch and could be a game changer in the coming season owing to their previous performances. This is according to a selection of oddsmakers.
The Texans fall a little behind with the odds suggesting a 9.1% chance of winning the AFC. The Jaguars and the Chargers tie at 8.3% followed by the Kansas City Chiefs who stand at 6.7%. Three teams that follow all tie with a 6.3% chance of winning and they are the Raiders, Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens. The Tennessee Titans manage the top 10 position with a winning chance of 5.9%. The Titans have constantly tried to keep up their play and maybe this season could yield better outcomes. There is a group of teams with the worst odds of winning in the AFC. They include the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins.
In fact, the Cleveland Browns have better odds of winning than the three NFL teams mentioned above. As expected, the Eagles have a much higher chance to win in the NFC. Their odds are about 5/1 or 16.7%. Following closely are the Green Bay Packers with 14.3% odds. At third position are two teams that are likely to take divisional titles. Both the Rams and the Vikings tie with a 12.5% chance of winning. Keep in mind that it would be interesting to have an all-Los Angeles Super Bowl if New England does not make it all the way.
Coming in at number four in the oddsmaker ranking are the New Orleans Saints. Their odds for winning the title are about 9.1%. They are followed closely by two teams who tie at number five. These are the San Fransisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons. Both these teams have odds of 8.3% and this goes to show how the competition is rife. It is becoming apparent that this season will be a bruising one. With so many dreams pegged on the top title, fans and players alike are working double shift to make sure that the teams perform as desired.
As teams prepare for the Kickoff Game, it is clear that the defending champions have their work cut out. In addition, New England is looking to prove a point. Their intention will be to reclaim their lost glory in a bid to restore their shattered dynasty. The stakes are very high and only time can really tell which team will emerge top. Meanwhile, oddsmakers agree that the top battle is expected to be between the Eagles and the Patriots for Super Bowl 53. Having said this, football is certainly dynamic and you never know what will happen. Many will cross their fingers and hope that their beloved teams indeed progress upward in the coming season.


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