Rumors at New England Prompt Brief Line Removal from Board
Major rumors about the New England Patriots led to the brief removal of Patriots' odds line from board by Vegas oddsmakers on Friday. Tongues are wagging about the possible departure of talented tight end Rob Gronkowski from the Patriots. Vegas oddsmakers have a history of removing odds after certain events However, this case has come as a surprise considering that the big news is still just a rumor. Even so, many cannot help but wonder about the New England Patriots odds for the coming season. Could this drama and uncertainty affect the team?
On Friday, an official confirmed that both Bovada and Oddsmaker removed Patriots futures from the board. This was further confirmed by users on Twitter who shared screenshots that showed missing Patriots' futures on their online sportbooks. As if this was not enough, New England's weekly lines were impacted by this news. Josh Applebaum of Action Net-work noted the drop of Patriots' spread for week 1 against the Texans to -6.5 from -7. The news is still rife with many wondering where the truth lies about the possible departure of Gronk.
Even after losing the last Super Bowl, New England still remained favorite to lead in the NFL. Many oddsmakers put them as favorites for the top title in the 2018/19 season. In addition, the team recorded the most wins predicted mainly set at 11 over/under wins. There are many other rumors spreading about the team and the possible loss of Gronk is just one. However, you will remember that this is not the first speculation about the professional tight end. After the last Super Bowl and subsequent loss, the player was reported to have been considering retirement. Some sources even state that he was offered opportunities by WWE as well as action movies.
Gronk took time to recover over the spring and later met with coach Belichick. After the meeting, the player announced that he was coming back for the new season. He stated that his form was better than ever and that he had been training and working out. However, it was noted that when the Patriots started their OTAs, Gronk as well as Tom Brady were missing in action. This notwithstanding, the duo made a come back in June and stopped the speculation that was going around about their possible fallout with the team. These top players were part of the three day minicamp and Gronk was very upbeat about the new season.
Speaking to the Washington Post, Gronk stated that he felt very well prepared. He went ahead to say that both his body and state of mind were in a good place. He was happy to be back and at the end of the interview, he stated that he knew that playing another season was the right decision for him. With the above, his departure would totally contradict his statements. Whether there is some truth to this news or not, it is clear that New England needs to get organized and put its house in order. Otherwise, this could trigger an arduous start of the season.

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