Patriots Odds for Super Bowl 53 High with Eagles as Top Contenders
Las Vegas oddsmakers have suggested that the top NFL teams; New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are likely to meet in the final showdown of the 2018-2019 season once again. As the preseason activities heat up this week, OddsShark has stated that these top teams are more likely to battle for the top trophy in the coming months. Many have agreed that indeed the Patriots odds are high. This news brings renewed hope to Patriots fans who in many ways are yet to come to terms with the 2017-2018 defeat in the final match. New England is living to fight another day.
A list of teams that are set to make it to the playoffs include the Steelers, Rams, Saints and the Vikings. It is notable that Green Bay Packers enjoy great odds even though they did not make it to the postseason. You will remember that the Packers must have suffered when Aaron Rodgers had to bow out after seven games last season. Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone in 2017 while playing with the Vikings. This season, Rodgers is set to come back, hopefully in better shape than before. For the first time since 2008, the Packers did not make the playoffs last season. At New England, the formidable team of Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick might work some magic. In the coming season, Patriots have a point to prove and this could add some arsenal into their resolve to reclaim what they lost last season. With a dynasty dismantled, New England is working extra time.
New England has always proven to be a force to reckon with. In the past 17 seasons of the league, the team has managed to win AFC East 15 times. This goes to show that their prowess in the divisional leg will pave way to the playoffs. Once they have bagged the wins, the Lombardi Trophy will certainly be in the offing. At the Eagles camp, Carson Wentz is said to be in great form this season and will be making a comeback. Wentz missed the playoffs after a serious injury last season. While he was away, Nick Foles led the fold in a campaign that delivered Super Bowl LII. After the win, Foles attained legendary status in the league to fully cement his potential.
According to odds for the coming season, Wentz might get a chance to come face to face with Brady. Indeed, this will be an anticipated showdown that can only produce the true victor for the season. All in all, it is common knowledge that the season can take a turn that is unforeseen. Expecting anything in the season is the way to go even as fans cheer on their favorite teams. This season promises to be bruising if not fatal to teams. Will the Eagles rise to the occasion to build their very own dynasty? Will the Patriots take back what they lost and prove to the world that they still reign supreme? These questions can only be answered as another exciting NFL season kicks off this September.


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