Tom Brady Unimpressed with his Preseason Performance vs the Eagles
The 2018 preseason has seen a tremendous progress for Tom Brady when it comes to his stat line as seen in their enjoyable game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though the New England Patriots won the game 37-20 on Thursday last week, the QB Brady still felt unimpressed with his individual performance. On Tuesday, the 41-year-old veteran expressed his sentiments citing that during the game, he felt out of practice to some extent even though many fans gave thumbs up for Tom Brady’s performance.
The QB managed to complete 19 out of 26 passes against the Eagles for 172 yards. He also scored two TDs even though he did not record any interceptions.
During his interview on the Kirk & Callahan Show, Tom Brady poured his heart about the extent to which he enjoyed the game. However, he was quick to pinpoint that despite the fun that comes with winning games, the Patriots still have a long way to go this season and a lot of work must be done in due course. The QB advised that preseason is a time that every player in the league to prepare wholeheartedly and relentlessly for the upcoming season, which calls for a number of crucial drills during practice. Generally, it seems all the pieces of advice already reflected Tom Brady’s performance.
To put this into perspective, Brady said that unfortunately, they are yet to have joint practices with other teams in 2018. However much all players enjoyed the game, the competitiveness that comes with their first preseason game made him feel somewhat rusty because since the Super Bowl, he has not experienced such situations. In their preseason opener in which they thrashed the Washington Redskins 26-17 on August 10, the QB did not play, but he managed to start against the Philadelphia Eagles. He played for almost the entire first half before he was substituted for Brian Hoyer. Bill Belichick must have felt satisfied with the six drives that Brady engineered to lead to two TDs as well as an equivalent number of field goals. Hoyer entered the game with the Patriots leading 27-7, as Tom Brady’s performance already proved worthwhile for him to surrender the final first-half play for his teammate.
When it comes to long passes, especially those that travelled more than 20 yards in the air, Brady had only managed to complete only one out of four before being substituted. However, the unsatisfactory start created a fertile ground for improvement, as ’s play did leave some room for improvement, as he was just 1-of-4 on passes that traveled 20-plus yards in the air because he had an overall throwing accuracy of 87.5 percent if one has to take account of both throwaways and drops.
The preseason game for the Patriots that will give Brady some extra workload is their upcoming on-the-road matchup against the Carolina Panthers on Friday. During the interview, the QB expressed that they are looking forward to the game, as they still have a few days of rigorous practice that the squad can utilize before leaving for Carolina. He also added that they squad is constantly going the extra mile to make improvements to their flaws because some team members are still new.


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