Patriots vs Raiders Game in Mexico
The New England Patriots defeated the Oakland Raiders this past weekend in a game that was played in Mexico City. Despite the game being played on foreign soil, there were plenty of fans in the stand rooting for the Patriots to win the game.
After the game, both teams returned home with plenty of praise for the Mexican fans, who sold out the stadium. Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, was one of the players that enjoyed the experience and told reporters that he looks forward to playing in front of the Mexican fans again in the future.
Even though the Patriots next game will be played at Gillette Stadium, in front of their home crowd, one member of the team who isn’t looking forward to going back to Mexico City any time soon is head coach Bill Belichick.
During his weekly radio show, Belichick said he enjoyed the atmosphere during the game, but he also called playing in Mexico a logistical nightmare that took a lot of time and energy.
According to Belichick, his biggest problem playing in Mexico was the fact that he was worried about earthquakes while the team was there. The coach said he didn’t know how stable the geological plates were, but he was happy that nothing happened while they were there.
While Belichick’s argument made sense, some critics were quick to point out that the Patriots have played teams in California along the San Andreas fault that are prone to earthquakes. The Patriots have also played in Seattle, which sits close to the volcanic mountain that is expected to erupt at any time, twice, but never voiced any complaints about earthquakes.
After the earthquakes, the logistics were the second biggest gripe Belichick had with the trip because according to him, Mexican officials didn’t know how to get ready for two NFL teams playing in their stadium, and it took a lot of manpower from the organization to get everything ready for the game.
As expected, Belichick’s comments upset some Mexican officials who believed they had been great hosts. The Patriots’ coach’s statement were called insensitive because hundreds of people lost their lives earlier this year after earthquakes rocked the country.
ESPN Mexico analyst Poncho Vera called Belichick’s comments outrageously ignorant.
Despite Belichick’s comments and his desire not to play in Mexico again, the NFL doesn’t seem to care because the league announced that Mexico City will host at least one regular season game a year until 2021.
Since they played there this year, the Patriots likely won’t return to Mexico City next year, but they could be back there in 2019 or 2020.
If Belichick is still coaching the Patriots then, he won’t have much of a say in the matter.
Since he isn’t personally responsible for moving the equipment and uniforms to Mexico, he shouldn’t have to worry about the logistics involved in playing in Mexico, especially since the people responsible are paid well to get it done.
One thing is for sure, the Mexican fans will still be cheering for Brady if he ever plays there again, but Belichick is likely going to be booed during his next visit unless he issues an apology for his comments.

New England Patriots vs. Oakland Raiders

Game Score - Sun 11/19

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