New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills
The New England Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills 23-3 on Sunday, cannot get more impressive than that. One assumes that the Sunday game brought great satisfaction to New England which can now touch the finish line in the AFC East Race.
Of course, the Patriots Odds during the Bills game are hardly what anyone is talking about today, not in the wake of Tom Brady’s emotional outburst.
The incident took place in the first quarter. Brady wasn’t exactly performing as expected but he did not have to, not with his teammates rising to the occasion and giving him the support base he needed to get his act together.
The whole team must be commended for working to hold their opponents at three points. The likes of Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead have nothing to complain about. It took some doing to get Rob Gronkowski more involved in the second half but the tight end’s exceptional skills were not exactly required.
New England is currently enjoying a 14 game winning streak on the road. Their record stands at 10-2 and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the AFC East race is over.
The Bills will be facing the Colts at home next Sunday. Losing that game will immediately give New England the Championship. And even if the Bills come out on top, the Patriots just have to beat the Dolphins on ESPN’s Monday Night Football to clinch the AFC East.
So it is hardly surprising that fans are latching onto the Brady incident. There isn’t much else that needs to be said about the Patriots’ decidedly bright future.
Brady’s encounter with offensive coordinator Josh Mcdaniels happened after Brady failed to see a potential open target during the first drive of the game, instead stalling things by sending an incomplete pass in a different direction.
Brady seemed to have been triggered by something that McDaniels said in his direction as he walked to the sideline. Brady’s renowned passion manifested as he yelled back at the offensive coordinator.
Back in 2011, Brady also got into a heated argument with the offensive coordinator at the time. This time things did not escalate, largely because Jack Easterby was on standby. Jack is what the Patriots call a team development coach.
And he wasted no time in stepping between Brady and McDaniels and calming their exchange. He must have done a splendid job because it wasn’t long before Brady and Mcdaniels were sitting beside one another on the bench having a cordial conversation.
Brady showed little concern about the goings on of the field, and his trust in his team was justified. The defensive unit did an impressive job of shutting the Bills down at every point.
Bill Belichick called the Bills a tough team and he thanked all 46 of his guys for contributing to the team’s victory. The Patriots seemed to be devoid of weaknesses in the game against the Bills.
They did not have the luxury of using Trey Flowers who had been sidelined by an injury to the ribs. Even Kyle Van Noy wasn’t involved in the game. And yet New England’s talent had no issue compensating.
The team has allowed an average of 11.87 points per game over the last 8 games. They are showing no signs of ending their winning streak.


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