The Battle of the New England Patriots And The Tennessee Titans
The defeat of the Tennessee Titans indicated the hardworking spirit that the New England Patriots have also possessed.
Patriots at Titans
Team 1 2 3 4 T
New England Patriots Patriots 0 21 7 7 35
Tennessee Titans Titans 7 0 0 7 14
Many football fans will say that the defeat of the Titan has increased the Patriots odds for the next game.
Patriots Victory
The New England Patriots won the game with a 35-14 over the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round on Saturday, January 13, 2018. The first touchdown, made by the Tennessee Titans, empowered the Titans to go for the glory.
Tom Brady, the New England Patriots Quarterback, received questions about alleged reports of him exchanging serious words among Bill Belichick, team owner Robert Kraft, and himself. He calmly downplayed the rumors and reports spread by the media, laughing at the situation. Tom Brady mentioned that the wildfire of negativity comes with the territory.
Tennessee Titans review their loss
Marcus Mariota, the Tennessee Titans Quarterback, initiated a daunting touchdown pass, allowing the Titans to take the lead by 7-0. Depending on Marcus Mariota, the Tennessee Titans began to lose their momentum as their quarterback was tackled numerous times. To achieve another touchdown in the first quarter proved difficult for the Tennessee Titans.
The head coach of the Titans, Mike Mularkey, mentioned that Marcus Mariota was playing with injured quadriceps. He told the media that Mariota’s declining performance was because of the straining injury. Mariota, however, said that this was no excuse for their overwhelming defeat by the New England Patriots.
Marcus Mariota’s Humble Defeat
The third-year quarterback left the football field disappointed. He mentioned how embarrassing it was to walk off that field without a victory.
Although the loss against the New England Patriots was a painful experience for Mariota, he remained optimistic, saying that there was a lot to learn by watching the Patriots play in unison. The Patriots have crafted and formulated the blueprint necessary for Marcus Mariota’s success in the near future.
Gronkowski’s highlighted victory
Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots’ Tight End, catapulted his career with a total of six catches and one touchdown. He ran a total of 81 yards during the game. These stats indicate a challenge that he has met and surpassed. It is unusual for a tight end to make so many receiving touchdowns. Throughout NFL history, John Stallworth, with 12 receiving touchdowns, and Jerry Rice, with 22 receiving touchdowns, are the only tight ends that have made the most receiving touchdowns in the playoffs.
Rob Gronkowski goes on to tell the media that his priority was not to make the most receiving touchdowns; his priority was to win and to continue grinding.
Kevin Byard’s final words
Kevin Byard, the Tennessee Titans’ safety, talks about the reason why his team lost. Byard knew that the New England Patriots’ Quarterback, Tom Brady, was in control of the game from the beginning.
He notes that the Titans were too quick to surrender on early downs. If their offense would have remained coordinated and intact, then the Patriots would have had a harder time defending the ball.
The first touchdown made by Marcus Mariota may have caused the Titans to become too relaxed. Byard goes on to say that his team could have played well enough to keep the Patriots from running through their defense.


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