Any Successful Venture Attracts Tension, Says Patriots Owner
New England's head coach Bill Belichick has on many occasions addressed the rumored tension within the organization in the media. Tom Brady has also had to come out in a bid to provide some answers to the public on the same.
A report by ESPN revealed how internal wrangles and tension are threatening to bring down the Patriot's empire. Could this have a bearing on the Patriots odds for Super Bowl Sunday? Until now, the Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been quiet. On Sunday, Kraft broke his silence revealing a few things about the internal wars at New England.
Kraft spoke just a few hours before New England met the Jaguars for an AFC Championship showdown. The Patriots owner spoke to the NFL Network saying that it was perfectly normal for any successful company or venture to have tension. Kraft insisted that there is a level of success that just comes with very strong personalities and differences. He alluded the tension to being part of the passionate views from the members. In addition, he stated that this form of conflict or tension is not always a bad thing.
With this clear admission of differences in the Patriots dynasty, many are speculating whether the coach and the owner can continue to see eye to eye. When you add Brady into the mix, more questions arise whether there will be a break up soon or not. The NFL Network asked the New England Patriots owner whether the success could be replicated for the next five years or so. Kraft went on to answer this question passionately. In his statement, he admitted that keeping high quality people around was a very difficult undertaking; as hard as marriage. In addition, he stated that having continuity of the same was even harder. He pointed out proudly that Tommy and Belichick had been in the team for 18 years.
According to Kraft, this in itself was a great achievement. He continued saying that egos are bound to clash whenever there is high level activity going on. However, he added that it was upon every person in the team to check their egos so that the team can continue performing in the best way possible. In Kraft's view, moving forward and attaining top level success will demand a form of sacrifice that will add to the team in a positive manner. It is evident that there are deep conflicting passions at New England.
On Sunday, the Patriots did not hesitate to show the Jaguars who the boss was. With a welcome and expected win, the next stage is the Super Bowl. New England will have to put their best foot forward and prove that they are indeed the masters of the win. Internal conflicts have the power to affect an empire like that created by the Patriots. However, it will have to be a wait and see. Going by the words of Kraft, this tension could just be a passing cloud and the team members might indeed put their egos aside for the good of the team.

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