Why the Patriots will be the 2018 Super Bowl Winners
For most fans who are sitting on the fence, supporting either the Patriots or the Eagles may not sound amusing. However, the Sunday showdown will be more intriguing if you pick one side to support.
Patriots vs Eagles Patriots vs Eagles
Sun 2/4 @ 6:30 p.m. ET.
U.S. Bank Stadium, MN
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If you are not sure where to throw your weight, consider rooting for the Patriots. This is because New England is most likely going to take the Super Bowl 2018 title. Therefore, cheer up and get off the fence; at the end of the day, you are better off being on a winning side. All indicators show that the Patriots odds for Super Bowl are much better.
To begin with, winning Super Bowl over and over is a rare occurrence. A team that can master the win and keep at it is definitely worth your attention. Creating an empire is no mean task. To this end, the hard work and dedication has to count for something. For many neutral fans and even Eagles fans, this sustained win for the Patriots may arouse furry to say the least. In addition, it can get monotonous. However, for coach Belichick and his team to manage victory every time, a lot has to be done behind the scenes. This unseen effort will always play out on the field. The undying commitment to perform at top level for New England is an asset that cannot be underrated. This drive is likely to see them take the Sunday title.
On many occasions, Eagles fans have brought their conduct into question. One good example is when a police horse at a stadium became the recipient of a punch courtesy of an avid Eagles fan. The misconduct does not stop there. Millie, the oldest Vikings fan who is 99 years old was insulted by Philly fans. This notwithstanding the beer assault against Vikings fans before and after the game where the Eagles won. Even if the Patriots and their fans have their own shortcomings, this violent or passionate show cannot be tolerated. The winning team is best described as having disciplined fans and New England is closest to this description.
The Eagles suffered a huge setback when Carson Wentz suffered a knee injury. However, Wentz as a quarterback cannot be replaced easily. Foles did a good job stepping in to salvage the situation. However, the team is most likely going to have Wentz as the preferred quarterback. This controversy and anxiety has the power to complicate the outcome of the game. Will the quarterback deliver as desired? This will all play in favor of the Patriots, making them more likely to win. With a clearer team lineup and less conflicts with positions, New England may use this to their advantage.
It is common knowledge that many people who are not happy with the New England dynasty want it to collapse. Indeed, coming up to the end of the season, there were rumors and reports of internal wrangles and conflict at New England. It was alleged that coach Belichick was no longer in good terms with the team owner Robert Kraft. It was also said that even Tom Brady was no longer sitting easy in the team. Kraft later addressed the matter by admitting that there were indeed some issues in the team. However, he made it very clear that it was nothing unusual. He stated that any top level team would have strong personalities clashing.
Kraft was quick to say that the solution would come when all egos would be checked to ensure that the health of the team was sound. What makes a team even stronger is its ability to solve internal wars. Now, the smoke and dust seems to have settled ahead of the Sunday Super Bowl game. If the team has indeed used their ingenuity to calm all the members, this could work for them. With a stronger team agenda and a common uniting goal, it is really hard to beat such a team. This is a very good reason why the Patriots might defend their right to stay on top of the game. Keep in mind that Brady and Belichick have been with the team for over a decade, the glue that keeps them together could work wonders for another win.
Finally, they say that reaching the top is easier than remaining on top. In light of this, the Patriots may be working triple duty to retain their empire. What the team has had to do to remain on top could be replicated easily on Sunday. It should not come as a surprise when New England lifts their sixth Super Bowl title.

Super Bowl Betting Odds

Teams Spread Total ML
Eagles +4½ -115 O 48 +155
Patriots -4½ -105 U 48 -190

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Super Bowl Winners and Results

I Jan. 15, 1967 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10
II Jan. 14, 1968 Orange Bowl (Miami) Green Bay 33, Oakland 14
III Jan. 12, 1969 Orange Bowl (Miami) New York Jets 16, Baltimore 7
IV Jan. 11, 1970 Tulane Stadium (New Orleans) Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7
V Jan. 17, 1971 Orange Bowl (Miami) Baltimore 16, Dallas 13
VI Jan. 16, 1972 Tulane Stadium (New Orleans) Dallas 24, Miami 3
VII Jan. 14, 1973 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Miami 14, Washington 7
VIII Jan. 13, 1974 Rice Stadium (Houston) Miami 24, Minnesota 7
IX Jan. 12, 1975 Tulane Stadium (New Orleans) Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6
X Jan. 18, 1976 Orange Bowl (Miami) Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17
XI Jan. 9, 1977 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Calif.) Oakland 32, Minnesota 14
XII Jan. 15, 1978 Superdome (New Orleans) Dallas 27, Denver 10
XIII Jan. 21, 1979 Orange Bowl (Miami) Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31
XIV Jan. 20, 1980 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Calif.) Pittsburgh 31, Los Angeles 19
XV Jan. 25, 1981 Superdome (New Orleans) Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10
XVI Jan. 24, 1982 Silverdome (Pontiac, Mich.) San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21
XVII Jan. 30, 1983 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Calif.) Washington 27, Miami 17
XVIII Jan. 22, 1984 Tampa (Fla.) Stadium Los Angeles 38, Washington 9
XIX Jan. 20, 1985 Stanford (Calif.) Stadium San Francisco 38, Miami 16
XX Jan. 26, 1986 Superdome (New Orleans) Chicago 46, New England 10
XXI Jan. 25, 1987 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Calif.) New York Giants 39, Denver 20
XXII Jan. 31, 1988 Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego) Washington 42, Denver 10
XXIII Jan. 22, 1989 Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami) San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16
XXIV Jan. 28, 1990 Superdome (New Orleans) San Francisco 55, Denver 10
XXV Jan. 27, 1991 Tampa (Fla.) Stadium New York Giants 20, Buffalo 19
XXVI Jan. 26, 1992 Metrodome (Minneapolis) Washington 37, Buffalo 24
XXVII Jan. 31, 1993 Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Calif.) Dallas 52, Buffalo 17
XXVIII Jan. 30, 1994 Georgia Dome (Atlanta) Dallas 30, Buffalo 13
XXIX Jan. 29, 1995 Joe Robbie Stadium (Miami) San Francisco 49, San Diego 26
XXX Jan. 28, 1996 Sun Devil Stadium (Tempe, Ariz.) Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17
XXXI Jan. 26, 1997 Superdome (New Orleans) Green Bay 35, New England 21
XXXII Jan. 25, 1998 Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego) Denver 31, Green Bay 24
XXXIII Jan. 31, 1999 Pro Player Stadium (Miami) Denver 34, Atlanta 19
XXXIV Jan. 30, 2000 Georgia Dome (Atlanta) St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16
XXXV Jan. 28, 2001 Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Fla.) Baltimore 34, New York Giants 7
XXXVI Feb. 3, 2002 Superdome (New Orleans) New England 20, St. Louis 17
XXXVII Jan. 26, 2003 Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego) Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21
XXXVIII Feb. 1, 2004 Reliant Stadium (Houston) New England 32, Carolina 29
XXXIX Feb. 6, 2005 Alltel Stadium (Jacksonville, Fla.) New England 24, Philadelphia 21
XL Feb. 5, 2006 Ford Field (Detroit) Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10
XLI Feb. 4, 2007 Dolphin Stadium (Miami) Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17
XLII Feb. 3, 2008 University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Ariz.) New York Giants 17, New England 14
XLIII Feb. 1, 2009 Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Fla.) Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23
XLIV Feb. 7, 2010 Sun Life Stadium (Miami) New Orleans Saints 31, Indianapolis Colts 17
XLV Feb. 6, 2011 Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas) Green Bay Packers 31, Pittsburgh Steelers 25
XLVI Feb. 5, 2012 Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis) New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17
XLVII Feb. 3, 2013 Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans) Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 49ers 31
XLVIII Feb. 2, 2014 MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.) Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8
XLIX Feb. 1, 2015 University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Ariz.) New England Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24
50 Feb. 7, 2016 Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara, Calif.) Denver Broncos 24, Carolina Panthers 10
LI Feb. 5, 2017 NRG Stadium (Houston) New England Patriots 34, Atlanta Falcons 28


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