New England Patriots After the 2018 Super Bowl Loss: What Next?
After the Patriots' anti-climax on Super Bowl Sunday, Rob Gronkowski, the star tight end could be thinking of retiring.
This was revealed after he addressed reporters saying that he would look and think hard about his next career move. Asked what would make him retire, Gronkowski was quick to say that he had not made a decision on the way forward. He said that he would reflect while consulting his teammates to see what the future would be for him.
On the other hand, Tom Brady was always confident about his desire to continue playing. However, after the Sunday disappointment, it is not a 100% confirmation that he will come back for a new season.
With all these possible changes, you cannot help but wonder about the Patriots odds going forward. A few minutes after the big game, Brady told reporters that he needed some time to process what had just happened. He also said that he would see adding that he would not find any reason for not coming back. It is this shaky statement that revealed that there was no 100% surety that Brady will be in the next season. It goes without saying that many key New England players will leave. Most of the exiting players seem to be headed to free agency. To begin with, lead rusher for the regular season Dion Lewis will be a free agent. Danny Amendola the wide receiver who led the team with 152 receiving yards will also be heading to free agency.
Malcom Butler through a statement said that he would also be a free agent. Butler is the notable cornerback who was benched on Super Bowl Sunday raising eyebrows. It is clear that without the input of Butler on that big day, the team struggled giving Nick Foles the headway to throw 373 yards and three touchdowns. In the coaching front, New England was set to lose two coordinators. McDaniels and Patricia had landed head coaching positions with other teams. However, in a last minute move, McDaniels announced that he had reconsidered and would remain with the Patriots.
According to rumor mills, Owner Robert Krapt fronted a sweeter deal that could not be turned down by McDaniels. On a positive note for New England, two top players are set to return from injuries. Pro bowl linebacker Donta Hightower and wide receiver Julian Edelman will make a come back. Bill Belichick despite retirement rumors is staying put as head coach. However, his contract has only one year to go. It has been suggested that McDaniels reconsidered leaving after he was promised the head coach position after Belichick was gone.
Either way, Las Vagas has named the Patriots as the favorites to win the next Super Bowl. With a devastating loss in the past season, Patriots have their work cut out. It is possible that this loss could have been the eye-opener they needed. The stakes are even higher and New England has a point to prove. Maybe the dynasty is not coming down just yet. This drive could see them rise once again in the coming seasons.


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