New England Patriots have some Dark Spots in Team History
New England Patriots odds are in question, especially when we take into account their worst moments that left a huge mark on their history.
5. Fans still remember the loss to Jets in 2011
What happened only a week before the game was something unexpected. We know about videos of popular players, but this one reached a high point of publicity. Rex Ryan and his wife had some intimate moments and their foot fetish was revealed. It was a great moment for some players to tell jokes about the video, despite the recommendations from Bill Belichick who told players to remain silent. Wes Welker was the one who gave the media a reason to talk. He made numerous references about the video and everything got a huge media attention. The players had a lack of concentration during the game against Jets, and the result was a clear presentation of scattered attention. The Patriots lost at home to the Jets, 28-21.
A sexual harassment incident changed the reputation of many Patriots players.
4. The incident in the locker room
Lisa Olson, the Boston Herald female reporter at that time, was a victim of a very unpleasant incident on September 17, 1990. She was reporting before the game, when three Patriots players showed the elements of serious harassment. They exposed themselves deliberately in front of Olson, which was a reason for court action. Olson found the situation highly humiliating and many supporters agreed that the behavior of the players would be punished. Zeke Mowatt, Robert Perryman and Michael Timpson were in the spotlight and they faced some serious accusations. Luckily for them, the court decision was very positive, if we consider that the players paid very small fines. None were suspended. In the end, Lisa Olson was having one bad experience after another. She had many death threats and was forced to leave the country. The Patriots paid the $50,000 fine and got one black spot on the team history.
One bad moment can change your life forever.
3. The end of the career for Darryl Stingley
There are moments in life when you cannot do anything to avoid bad luck. It happened to Darryl Stingley, a former Patriots player, who was only 26 when his career ended in a tragic way on August 12, 1978. A team player sent a pass that was out or reach for Stingley. He tried to stretch to the maximum in order to reach the football, but he had a contact with Jack Tatum, who played on the side of the Raiders. The contact produced a devastating outcome. Stingley lowered his head and the helmets collided. It was a moment when Stingley broke his neck. He crumpled to the grass and the seriousness of the situation was obvious. Doctors later confirmed that Stingley would be a quadriplegic for the rest of the life. He used the wheelchair with the help of the right arm that was partly functional. Stingley lived that way until his death in 2007.
Accusations go hard for the Patriots in the 2007 season.
2. Spygate was handled bad
The New York Jets had some serious accusation against the Patriots during the game in the 2007 season. Eric Mangini, the main coordinator accused the Patriots for taping the sideline of the Jets. The rules of NFL were hard in this case, and the Patriots paid the high fines. The loss was huge, and after that, many things became known. Tom Brady knew that the air was taken out of footballs, but he did not react. The NFL rulebook fined the Patriots heavily because of the way Spygate was handled. Tom Brady was suspended for four games.
It was unlucky time for the Patriots in Arizona.
1. They had history on their mind, but the result was different
The Patriots wanted to write history those days in Arizona. Super Bowl XLII was on the mind and they made it to the desert in a great way with 18-0 and 16-0 in the regular season. What supposed to be routine for the Patriots ended up with huge surprise. The New York Giants, the main underdog, stopped the Patriots on their way. The history record was quite different than the Patriots imagined.


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