New England at the Helm as 2018 NFL Division Odds are Revealed
The New England Patriots have been the most successful team in the AFC East division for a long time now. The team has a total of 14 titles to their name - all of which have been won back to back with the exception of a single pause in the winning streak in 2008. The expectation from odds futures firms is that Tom Brady and the team as a whole will continue with the established winning tradition once again this season.
As the teams prepare to start the season, sportsbooks have come up with the NFL Division odds which put the Patriots as the favorites at -750. The rest of the teams' odds in the division have also been released as part of the comprehensive futures. They follow the Patriots in the following order - the Dolphins (+1200), Buffalo Bills (+1200), New York Jets (+1400).
The success of New England Patriots is remarkable as they have won over 12 games every season since 2010. The previous season saw them win a total of 13 games. With this record, the NFL division futures have placed them at the least profitable. This is not particularly surprising for such a formidable team.
Following them closely with the least possible amount of earnings are the Pittsburgh Steelers. This team is also one of the most impressive both in the NFL and in their AFC North division. The Steelers have a comparable record to the Patriots and have won 13 games the past season. They come in at -260 favorites in the AFC North. They are followed by the Baltimore Ravens (+400), Cincinnati Bengals (+1000) and Cleveland Browns (+1000).
In contrast to the above two divisions, the AFC West and AFC South have no clear domineering teams. The odds are thus much closer with the Jacksonville Jaguars coming in with +175 followed closely by the Houston Texans (+180) in the AFC South. The same competitiveness can be observed in the AFC West where the Los Angeles Chargers have +175 odds while their closest rival, the Oakland Raiders have +270 odds.
The NFC also has some pretty similar odds across the divisions. The Philadelphia Eagles, who are the current Super Bowl defending champions are at the helm of the NFC East odds with -165. The Eagles had another impressive record last season where they won 13 matches and also managed to be the only team from the division in the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys follow them in this division with +350 division futures odds.
The NFC West has the Los Angeles Rams as the favorites with -130 odds to win the division. The Rams are followed by the San Francisco 49ers who have been given +300. At third position are Seattle Seahawks who are not very far off the chart with their odds at +375.
Finishing off in the NFC South and NFC North, there are no teams in the minus money position. The New Orleans Saints who are the favorites, open the odds with +180. They are followed closely by the Atlanta Falcons at +190. The NFC North has the Minnesota Vikings as the favorites at +135 while the Green Bay Packers follow closely at +140.

2018/19 AFC Divisions - Odds To Win

2018/19 AFC East Divicion Odds
Buffalo Bills +1000
Miami Dolphins +1000
New England Patriots -875
New York Jets +800
2018/19 AFC North Divicion Odds
Baltimore Ravens +380
Cincinnati Bengals +750
Cleveland Browns +900
Philadelphia Eagles -380
2018/19 AFC South Divicion Odds
Houston Texans +150
Indianapolis Colts +380
Jacksonville Jaguars +150
Tennessee Titans +300
2018/19 AFC West Divicion Odds
Denver Broncos +250
Kansas City Chiefs +250
Los Angeles Chargers +150
Oakland Raiders +220


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