The Patriots Odds May Lead the NFL in 2018
According to new numbers by most major sportsbooks like MyBookie, the Patriots odds to win Super Bowl in the 2018 season are higher than any other team in the NFL. It goes without saying that New England is eager to get back on top after the Eagles punished them in the last season to bag the Lombardi Trophy. The Las Vegas oddsmakers however, put the winning numbers much lower for the Patriots compared to previous seasons. Keep in mind that New England has won at-least 12 games or more in their last eight engagements of the regular season.
The projected win total for New England is 11 and this is the highest number in the Westgate Superbook. The team is followed closely by the Super Bowl defending champions Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have a 10.5 projected win and they actually tie with their close rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings follow with 10 wins predicted for each team. All the above teams are the only ones projected to have double-digit wins this regular season. The 49ers are predicted to garner 9 wins and four other teams are also expected to open at 9 wins. They include the Falcons, Jaguars, Chargers and Panthers.
The San Francisco 49ers posted an impressive improvement when considering their year over year performance. Remember that the Niners added a major asset to their team in the name of Jimmy Garoppolo last season. This proved to work in their favor as they finished the year with 6 back to back wins. It is no surprise that this team is projected to open at 9 wins. In the NFC divisions, some of the top favorites are the Saints, Rams, Eagles and the Vikings. The divisional favorites in the AFC include Chargers, Steelers, Jaguars and the Patriots.
Last year, the Los Angeles Rams were projected to bag just 6 wins. However, they opened at 9.5 to record an impressive last season. It is also worth noting that more bets have been wagered on the Rams to win the Super Bowl than any other team in the NFL. The 49ers are also a favorite but going by the betting preference, the team is rated third. Indeed, this public support and endorsement for the team may pave the way to surprises in the game. At the very bottom of the prediction chart by the Westgate Superbook are the Arizona Cardinals and the Cleveland Browns. The two teams tie at 5.5 predicted wins.
This means that it will be a long shot for these teams to make it to the playoffs. Other teams that are at the bottom of the list include the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets with 6 projected wins. Although some teams are expected to improve this season, it will be interesting to monitor performances therein. Teams projected to open at 8 wins include the Ravens, Lions, Raiders, Titans and Seahawks. At 8.5 predicted wins include the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. Other teams include Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins who all tie at 7 wins. The predictions will hopefully shed more light into the possible outcomes in the season as the 32 NFL teams battle it out for the top title.


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