Patriots vs Steelers Win
The New England Patriots beat the Pittsburg Steelers on Sunday. It was a close game and by the time things ended, the scoreboard showed 27-24. It was an improbable victory.
There was a lot of celebrating going on in the aftermath of the game, and for good reason. New England fans were looking forward to securing the AFC's top Playoff seed and home-field advantage.
Once they hit the locker room, Brady took his phone out and began to FaceTime with his children talking about fantasy football and Star Wars. Rrather than being exceedingly excited, Brady seemed to take a relaxed and contended approach to the victory.
He said he was simply happy to share the event with his children. Special teams captain Matthew Slater wasn’t too far from Brady and he also emphasized the importance of having a family with whom one could share the joys of the game.
He said every time he went onto the field he set his mind to fight for both his team and his family.
Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks shared a few words with Brady, though nothing anyone would consider profound, both athletes admitted that their victory against the Steelers had been something truly special.
Even Belichick’s name came up every once in a while. The Coach was instrumental in preparing and driving the Patriots towards one of their more impressive regular-season victories.
Dwayne Allen took to shouting Rob Gronkowski’s name.
The atmosphere of the locker room seemed to glitter. Everyone was happy as would be expected. But they were also stunned. And many of the players didn’t look like they knew how to react to the occurrence.
No one can question the dominance of the New England Patriots. While it is true that they played some truly exceptional football in the previous season, they were not nearly as haunted by problems as they have been in 2017.
In fact, New England hasn’t appeared this flawed and vulnerable in a while. Their defensive issues were on display during several stretches of the Sunday Steelers game.
Safety Duron Harmon imputed the success of the Patriots to their mental strength. They do not get downcast, not even in the face of incredible odds or disappointing injuries.
The fact that they overcame the Steelers on Sunday makes the New England Patriots a more frightening team. They faced great odds, contended with overwhelming pressure and still came out on top.
Any team would be dangerous if you gave them such a boost in confidence. Unfortunately for the NFL, the Patriots are not just any team.

AFC East Standings

New England Patriots< New England Patriots 11 3 .786 395 274 W1
Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills 8 6 .571 248 297 W2
Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 6 8 .429 232 297 L1
New York Jets New York Jets 5 9 .357 285 342 L2


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