Intrigues of the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl Game
The 2018 NFL Pro Bowl game took place on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Orlando, Florida. The NFC faced the AFC and at the end of the engagement, NFC conceded defeat with scores of 24-23. Many fans were keen to follow this pre Super Bowl game which was played at the Camping World Stadium.
Team 1 2 3 4 T
NFC 7 13 0 3 23
AFC 3 0 14 7 24
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Season Recap
This All-Star battle is an NFL ritual that is a front runner to the big game. The contest was televised live on ESPN. Before the game, the odds were in favor of NFC and when they were silenced, this came as a shock to many. Although the game is intended to feature all the top players, many teams chose to save the energy of the top players for the Super Bowl meeting.
This means that all the big names like Tom Brady, Zach Ertz and Fletcher Cox among others did not feature in the roster. However, despite suffering a serious injury as the season ended, Carson Wentz featured in the Pro Bowl roster. Browns and Hopkins did not play in the game because injuries suffered in the season. The top quarterbacks who featured in the game included Wilson, Brees and Roethlisberger. Replacement players included Goff, Smith and Carr. Another player who did not feature in the Pro Bowl lineup was defensive tackle for the Rams Aaron Donald. He was nursing an injury he had suffered. Donald had high hopes of clinching the player of the year title for defensive player. Just like the Patriots odds were very high to win Super Bowl, the game proved that things can go either way.
Stars from the Vikings and the Jaguars teams also featured in the game. In the field, Carr, the Raiders quarterback was notable as he hit Walker of the Titans for an 18 yard touchdown towards the end of the game. Walker, the tight end of the Titans became offensive MVP for his impressive two scores with 29 yards. The Broncos took the defensive MVP title thanks to Linebacker Miller who managed three tackles with under a minute remaining in the game.
Other notable plays were from Saints quarterback Drew Brees who opened with a 75 yard drive and 13 plays which was passed to the Vikings receiver. Roethlisberger, the Steelers quarterback was on top of his game responding with 12 plays for 52 yards. As the game gained momentum, the pounding rains drenched the field in what would be one of the wettest Pro Bowl in the recent past. Roethlisberger was intercepted by the hearty Harrison Smith who is the safety for the Vikings. This engagement led to a 79 yard touchdown by Smith.
The Chiefs quarterback and the Cardinals quarterback battled ending up with a nine play and 68 yards by Peterson, the Cardinals cornerback. At first, it appeared as if the NFC would take the win. However, a seven play 47 yard drive was led by Carr in the fourth quarter. By failing to generate enough points, the Rams quarterback was pursued by Miller. Amid the soaked field and cheering fans, the AFC thrashed their opponents to record a satisfactory win in the game. In the previous season, the NFC was also defeated 20-13 and going forward, their work is clearly cut out.


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