Patriots Clinch Home-Field as James Harrison makes a Solid (Second) Debut
Life for James Harrison, had become frustrating in Pittsburgh, since he couldn't do the one thing he wanted - to play. All that changed for the veteran outside linebacker, however, as he moved on playing for his new team.

Road to the Super Bowl
Super Bowl 52 will be played in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium, it will their first Super Bowl in Minnesota since Super Bowl XXVI. Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills, 37-24, on Jan. 26, 1992 at The Metrodome.

NFL Playoffs
The 2017 NFL regular season is finally over, which means the playoff matchups are fin ally set. Since the New England Patriots finished with the best record in the AFC, they will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, which is great news for the team and their fans.

Patriots vs Steelers Win
The New England Patriots beat the Pittsburg Steelers on Sunday. It was a close game and by the time things ended, the scoreboard showed 27-24. It was an improbable victory.

AFC Title - Steelers
Ben Roethlisberger put a cap on a record-setting outing by completing a carry that proved to be just as vital, if not more so, as any one of the franchise-record 66 passes he managed to throw on the night.