NFL Playoffs, Week 15 and Predictions
The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are the two teams expected to get the top two playoff seeds in the AFC, and after a close call against their rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, the Steelers currently have the best record in the AFC.

The Patriots chances to AFC East Cup
Updated 4/4/2018
The Patriots once again win the AFC East Cup and not only that, they ended up winning AFC Divisional and AFC Championship Games, but lost Super Bowl LII to the Philadelphia Eagles in the best SB games ever.

Patriots AFC East Crown?
People are still buzzing about New England’s upcoming match against the Bills. New England is still a favorite this season, and the Patriots Odds for the NFL playoffs are definitely enviable.

AFC Playoffs Picture
As the NFL heads into Week 13, this is as good a time as any to look at the AFC playoff picture, especially in light of the Week 12 games. There is little point in talking about the Patriots Odds for AFC Playoffs.

NFL Odds for Every Game in the 2018 Season
As you know, NFL season is about to start, the first game will be on Thursday 6th of September with the Falcons having with the Eagles.

Patriots Expected to Lead NFL in Wins Next Season
Despite losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, the season odds for the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl next season is the best in the league, even better than the team that defeated them.

NFL has a lot of Issues to Address in Offseason
After years of confusion and controversy surrounding what constitutes a catch, the NFL finally decided to address the issue this offseason and they seem to have gotten it right, which is great news for NFL players and fans that have been upset because the old rules have gone against their team at one point or the other.

Taking a Closer look at New York Jets Stature in the AFC East
Are the New York Jets well prepared for this season NFL draft? So far, they have improved some of their positions, but how strong are these moves compared to their rivals in the AFC East? At the beginning of the offseason, Mike Maccagnan Jets' general manager was already pointing out on the need to improve certain positions to give the team an advantage come the new season.

Change Remains the Only Constant for AFC East Teams
It is no secret that AFC East teams have grappled with high players and coaches turnover for nearly two decades now. The Bills, Dolphins and Jets combined have had 17 different head coaches over the course of 17 years. As if this is not enough, the teams have hired and fired 43 different quarterbacks. These Patriots competitors can therefore be termed as unstable. In fact, this could be an understatement; the turnover is on a massive scale. With this instability, New England Patriots players have been kept in toes, not knowing what to expect. Gearing up to the new season, more changes in the AFC East await. Below is a closer look at what the teams are up to so far.

Time to Set the Schedule for the upcoming NFL's combine week
With the NFL offseason coming to a close in a few weeks, the much awaited post-Super Bowl calendar could be out anytime from now. Everyone is talking about 2018 scouting combine, which has been a tradition for more than thirty years where NFL's under wear Olympics is expected to kick off in Indianapolis. The event will be hosted at Colts Lucas Oil complex stadium. As you wait for the Super-Bowl calendar, you can also look out for the New England Players in their 2018 NFL season roster.