Patriots Next Move to Trade Gronk Would Not Be Favorable to Belichick
New England Patriots are doing all the efforts to perform well in the next season. Many speculations are coming up for the New England players for next season. It is believed that the coach Belichick might have an encounter with Gronkowski.
When all the fans are excited about the Gronkowski decision to retire or to return to the team for this season, you can imagine the mental condition of the coach. The ongoing conflicts with Gronkowski and Tom Brady will make it difficult for the coach to prepare the team for the next season. In fact, he has lost some key players through free agency. Now, he needs to focus on the remaining players.
If you believe ESPN reports, then Gronkowski might return to the team for the next season and Tom Brady is already there. There is no such confirmation. You might need to wait a bit.
Belichick is not in a favorable position. There are frustrations from both sides. If the important players and coach will not have a great bonding, you cannot expect much from the team. You should not expect much from Gronkowski. The player is physically and mentally fit. But there is no expectation that he will perform better in this season.
The coach is not familiar with the social media; at least he pretends to be. But he wants to ensure that Gronkowski will be fully committed to performing well while keeping the Hollywood career aside. For the coach, the performance is the first priority as he expects his team to play well in this season.
Trading Gronkowski will not be a favorable decision for the team either. It might be a good decision if some teams give up for the two first-round picks. Besides, the personal reasons will also be a hurdle.
But the coach needs to think from the team perspectives keeping the personal differences aside. Tom Brady might prefer Gronkowski in the team. Even the team owner Robert Kraft and the fans would like to witness a good understanding between the coach and players for the benefit of the team.
Some think that not playing Malcolm Butler will disappoint some of the fans and led them against the hoodie. You can imagine what will happen while trading one of the most important players in the team history.
This is not the time to blame any player or coach. The most important thing in the current condition is to build the best team for this season. Instead of blaming Gronkowski, the coach even the player should try to develop an understanding that will be appreciated by the fans and will also contribute to the success of the game.
We can expect that the frustration and the misunderstanding will not affect the performance of the team and it will go away. The quarterback, tight end, and the coach will come forward to work collectively to contribute to the team’s success.
But again, nothing can be said until none of them will take the first move and will try to resolve the issues. The fans might need to wait with patience to know the next move. If Gronkowski will join the team, then some speculations will come to an end.


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