Patriots Players: Where do the Patriots' Stand on Wide Receivers after Brandin Cooks' Departure?
New England may not need to acquire a new wide receiver after trading Brandin Cooks. There are certainly mixed opinions on this, considering Cooks' prowess in the position. The Patriots definitely have traded a strong player in this regard. However, the reason why they may not be too vulnerable after Cooks' departure has to do with their other able talents. They have three players who were formerly first-round picks. In the team, two more formidable New England Players complete the depth chart. Players are therefore competing to be named as part of the roster in the WR slot. One notable free agent is Jordan Matthews who met with the team earlier in the week. The competition for wider receiver in New England is on and below is a breakdown of the depth chart.
The talented Julian Edelman is coming back from injury. After suffering a torn ACL in the 2017 regular season, he had to take time out for recovery. He did not play for the entire season. However, he is progressing well and is set to come back to the team. His contract extends all the way to 2019. Edelman will be turning 32 in May and is a well known target for Tom Brady.
Standing at over 6 feet tall weighing 210 pounds is the revered Chris Hogan. This will be the last season with the Patriots in his three-year contract deal. In the last season, Hogan missed up to seven games. He is certainly an asset owing to his flexibility and deep ball tactics. This notable player could shield the team very well to make for an excellent wide receiver.
Known as the fastest Patriots' receiver, Phillip Dorsett is yet another good candidate for the slot. He is seen as a natural replacement for Cooks owing to his swift moves and great offensive play. Dorsett joined the team after being traded with Jacoby Brissett. He has had ample time to practice and learn through the ropes in the last season. This great player entered the NFL as a first-round draft pick in 2015.
A fourth-round pick in the 2016 draft, Malcolm Mitchell is another player competing for the slot. This Georgia native joined the team and quickly became very close to Tom Brady. Due to a knee injury, Mitchell missed the entire last season. This player has been working very hard to get back in shape. Chances are that he will be good to go as the team organizes its roster and activities.
Cordarrelle Patterson has been a top kickoff returner and has proved himself a great offensive asset. He entered the NFL in 2013 and will enter his final year of his contract.
Having served the Browns in free agency, Kenny Britt was signed by the Patriots in December. The over 6 feet tall player was a 2009 first-round pick. This could be his time to really prove his worth in New England just like Dorsett.
Riley McCarron was signed by the Patriots practice squad in the early weeks of the regular season. He was a free agent from Iowa and is best known for his impressive work ethic. This undrafted player was commended by head coach Belichick for his dedication and might become an undrafted slot receiver like Wes Welker.
Cody Hollister is another talent who is noted for his college football prowess. In the last preseason, he demonstrated his ability to catch ball. Hollister joined New England in 2017 as a free agent who is undrafted.


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