Bill Belichick Pursues a Suitable Quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft
With Brandin Cooks already traded to the Rams, the New England Patriots have secured a first-round pick for a suitable quarterback. The 2018 market for a QB is now the focus for Bill Belichick, and it seems they still want to make more trades. Brandin Cooks trade to the Rams had implications in the NFL, which almost affected the Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. as well as the Cardinals. It is important to note that even Gronkowski almost became part of the deal. However, as we prepare to see the new Patriots players for the next season, let us examine the implications for the first-round drafted quarterbacks.
It is imperative that the ensuing replacement of Tom Brady would mean one of them has to move to Foxboro. The Patriots have kept this process on the down low even though it has always been happening behind the scenes. Currently, fans are eager to know the new Patriots players for the next season, which means New England has to find a way of securing the draft’s top passers. Unquestionably, such a trade suggests that the Pats were not comfortable with wide receiver Cooks in the offense or they couldn’t afford spending big bucks on him after the expiry of his fifth-year options. In essence, Belichick clearly desires to hire an outstanding QB.
In a bid to get opinions on the probability that Belichicks would secure a QB in the course of the first round, a member of the New England Patriots expressed his contentment with the same. The member This individual confidently said that the trading of Cooks trade is just a tip of the iceberg, as the bigger portion of this deal would reveal itself when the Pats land a one of the top-rated passers in the 2018 draft. However, it’s a wait-and-see game because Belichick is not fond of trading existing players for future prospects, but he must make judicious decision for new Patriots players for the next season.
Even though it could be a hunch, Baker Mayfield must have caught Belichick’s attention because the QB has a workable attitude to impress the coach with the best value play. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could sharpen his skills by playing him in similar positions he excelled in at Oklahoma. Even with Belichick’s experience managing the Pats, it is important to note that he was shortsighted in trading Garoppolo before the 2017 draft. They could have controlled the 2018 QB market if they auctioned Garoppolo then and proceeded to exploit options from the Cleveland Browns.
Belichick will have to burn the midnight oil even if it means making several other trades to secure a quarterback. Currently, it’s apparent that first five picks could go for four QBs, with a minimum of five securing the opening fifteen picks. Belichick must strategize to ensure that he is not forced to land a QB in the low teens. Furthermore, Sam Bradford of the Arizona Cardinals health is worrisome, which could affect their franchise, a mishap that would haunt them for failing to secure Pat Mahomes last year.
Belichick should remain worried that the 2018 draft will be tough since the QB market is as complicated as it stands. He has to shake off the relentless pursuit for the same market exhibited by the Browns, the Giants and the Broncos, who also seem powerful with their keenness to trade for their top five picks. On the other hand, with $8.5 million set aside for Cooks, Gronk can now relax because it makes some extra capital available for the Pats this season. With the return of wide receiver Julian Edelman from injury, and the hope that Malcolm Mitchell remains healthy, winning the division won’t be a problem so long as Tom Brady delivers as well.


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