Several QB Options Available for the Patriots at the 2018 NFL Draft
As the New England Patriots prepare to enter the NFL Draft, a few issues are evident. The first one is the imminent departure of Tom Brady which is bound to happen unless he declares otherwise. Reports from ESPN have indicated that the quarterback cannot be counted as part of the team since he is yet to commit to playing this season. It is the expectation of most people that he will return, but the chances of him not returning are equally high. Already, the Patriots are dealing with the effects of Jimmy Garoppolo's departure as has been observed in the Patriots Vegas odds. They need to get a good QB in order to compete in the current season. The Draft thus presents the best opportunity for Bill Belichick to do what is needed.
As the coach ponders on what to do, he must consider both the current and future needs of the team. The next quarterback must certainly be strong enough to face current rivals. He must also be young enough to ensure security for the team as the 2020's draws close. The Patriots could have avoided this predicament if some recent moves had not been made. Nevertheless, there are enough opportunities to get a great pick and Belichick seems to know exactly what to do. The coach recently admitted that there are many possibilities for the team as it is currently.
One of the possible picks for the team is Kyle Lauletta from Richmond. This quarterback can be definitely secured during the second round of the Draft. They can also choose to pick a quarterback in the initial round and go for the talented Lamar Jackson. The shrewdest pick currently, however, would have to be Josh Rosen. This is especially considering the unconfirmed status of Tom Brady. Going with Rosen means that the team will get a starter right from the start.
Indeed, the likelihood of Rosen finding himself in the team is quite high according to analysts. The analysts also indicate that since the Colts could probably trade down again, the picks made by the Patriots could be influenced by how Indianapolis decides to go about the trade. Whatever happens though, the trade that will result will most likely be fair to both sides. It is however not clear how the teams will approach each other especially after the incidents with Josh McDaniels. If Rosen is not available at No. 6, the Colts will have the remainder top 10 positions to grapple with.
As things stand, the Patriots need the 49ers' No. 9 for their trade to be valuable. The ultimate decisions on how the whole trade will go definitely depend on what Belichick decides to do. His approach will definitely be of interest because he has so many options available. Whether he decides to shake up the roster or make new additions to the existing team, definitely has the ability to make changes without compromising the strength of the team. The status of Brady will also definitely have a bearing on the future prospects of the team.


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