Top 5 People Who Helped in Creating Patriots Dynasty
When we think about the New England Patriots dominance, the popular names that come to our mind are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. But, we also agree that there are more personalities who have helped the Pats to sustain its dominance in the NFL. The Patriots have become the most insufferable football machine in the NFL history. Are they unstoppable? Five weeks before the season kicks off, many felt that New England was the favorite to win the 2018 season. It's almost seventeen years since they won their very first Super Bowl title and continued to win 10 more after playing more than 160 regular season. With such an impressive history of winning Super Bowl trophy, New England Patriots Vegas odds have been high in 2018 NFL season.
Brady and Belichick have remained the class of the football league in the U.S. and with the Patriots' week a few days away, we will take a look at what defines this modern football dynasty. We already know the two names associated with the golden age of the New England Patriots. The period between when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl crown in 2001 and 2018 is commonly referred to as the Brady-Belichick era. The dynamic duo have done more for the franchise to sustain the success, but we must also agree that football is a game that involves everyone in team to realize any success. We will look at some honorable names that feature in the making of this dynasty.
5. Troy Brown, (Wide receiver) - 1993 to 2007
Brown's career at the Patriots will be remembered by many for his sterling performance after transitioning to the nickel corner following very serious injuries that Tyrone Poole and Law sustained in 2004 season. This forced Belichick to make unconventional changes to that position. Brown appeared in 12 games with 3 intercepted passes, which was said to be the second highest mark that season for Patriot. This was a good example of how Belichick succeeds in thinking outside the box. He also deployed Mike Vrabel at the red-zone tight end, which was an clear indication that Belichick can do anything with his roster.
4. Josh McDaniels, (Played different roles) Between 2001 and 2008, And 2012 to Present
Josh MsDaniels joined the team in 2001 when the Patriots were going through a devastating offense. However, it was until 2007 when it was clear that McDaniels was capable of becoming an architect and a play-caller for the Pats. He also become a prolific attacker with unique knack to explain his role, which was insightful for an offense. According to Evans, McDaniels understood how to ignite the team's offense by pushing the correct buttons.
3. Adam Vinatieri, Played Between 1996 and 2005
Vinatieri is credited for making use of the little moments to change the game. Two of three most memorable Super Bowl wins by Patriots came as a result of Vinatieri last second goal. He also made a similar magic when the Patriots played with St. Louis to clinch their first Lombardi trophy in February 2002. That was enough, Vinatieri repeated the same style when Pats played with Oakland in their divisional round fixture when he scored a goal in remaining 27 seconds before the end of the match. They tied in scores and the game had to go for extra time.
2. Tom Brady, Superstar QB Played from 2000 - Present
We have continuously seen the Patriot offense improved over the last decade thanks to Tom Brady's experience and skills. During its early days, the Pats relied on running backs like Corey Dillon, Antowain Smith and Kevin Faulk. However, with the arrival of some key players such as Welker and Moss in 2007, the Patriots were able to spread the opponents and that changed their offensive style forever. They used their versatile, interchangeable and deep cache of weapons that helped them to become unpredictable. At the age of 39 Brady has continued to defy explanation. His period at the Patriots has been spectacular with very few low moments.
1. Bill Belichick - The head coach since 2000 to date
Belichick join the Pats in 2001 season till to date. During his 17 years period with the team, the Patriots have seen staggering records year-by-year. It all started when the Pats captured their first Super Bowl title in 2001 season. They have also won 14 times the AFC East championship title during the same span. He is probably the best coach in the history of American sports.

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