2018 NFL Draft Could Bring Radical Roster Changes in New England
The Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick has the power to draft from the top 10 NFL picks. This means that he will have access to some of the best fresh talents in the league. Consequently, old guard quarterback like Brady and tight end Gronkowski may not have the leverage they think they have. Most people agree that new talent is a better asset going forward. But, the big question is, can Belichick pull a fast one to radically restructure the team? Could the Patriots for next season be composed of new faces? The answer is yes. Anything is possible.
Coach Belichick will have to look at the state of his team. If he feels that a win is possible without both Brady and Gronk, new drafts can only inject fresh blood into the team. However, it is reported that owner Robert Kraft is not ready to lose Brady. As a result, Kraft was said to have pushed for the trading of Garoppolo to avoid the possibility of a Brady deal. In the whole mix, there is a chance that Brady could be seriously considering retirement. If this is the case, Kraft will have to let go of Brady.
What is known right now is that Brady and Gronk have been non-committal on the teams voluntary workouts. This has led to even more speculation in the media that the Patriots' pair could be on their way out. Belichick could see their refusal to participate as a sign that they are not fully committed to remaining with the team. Gronk and Belichick have been at loggerheads when the tight end decided to use Brady's trainer. On top of that, Grons could also be aiming for a pay rise before he can fully commit to the team.
Keep in mind that Brady has always made time to participate in the offseason program and since 2010, he has never missed it. There is therefore no excuse for not showing up. It could be that Brady and Gronk are being trained by Alex Guerrero at the TB12 facility. This is only a few minutes walk from the Gillette Stadium: the Patriots training base. If this is the case, it paints a clear picture of disunity and uncertainty. Word is also making rounds that other players might join Brady and Gronk. After all, Hightower, Elderman, Hogan and others work with Guerrero. It goes without saying that Belichick could be facing mutiny from his own top players.
Belichick banned trainer Guerrero from the Gillette Stadium according to the Boston Globe; and this could have upset the top players. This reality could reveal the nature of the power struggle at New England. It is said that Guerrero's methods have been clashing with the medical and strength staff at the Patriots. To this end, this could be undermining the very philosophies of the head coach. Belichick has made groundbreaking moves with the roster before; he can do it again. In fact, some people say that he can be brutal if not ruthless. Can he cut Brady and Gronk and start from scratch with fresh drafts? The coach is capable of anything: if it is for the betterment of the team in his view.


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