Will the Patriots Go for Another Top QB during the 2018 NFL Draft?
Following the recent events at the Patriots, there is a feeling that the team is entering the NFL draft with a very unique amount of firepower. They're definitely facing an unusual problem. The word has it that Tom Brady will not be returning for 2018 NFL season. According to Adam Schefter from ESPN, Brady has not yet shown commitment to playing in the 2018 NFL season, although some people especially those around him feel that he will be back. So far there is no official communication from Brady's camp concerning his status. Despite this report, Patriots Vegas odds still remain high, with many people going for the Patriots as the favorite team to win 2018 NFL title.
The Patriots cannot change what happened after trading their former superstar QB Jimmy Garoppolo, but they can now use the chance available during the NFL draft to sign an experienced and young quarterback. Their draft ammunition is definitely an ultimate balancing act for their head coach Bill Belichick. This is a critical moment for him to build up a superior Super Bowl Caliber roster that can clinch the 2018 season. Belichick needs to set aside resources to sign a young quarterback who's capable of taking over from Brady someday and taking the team to the next level going forward. We know its an irritating task for him since he had already found the talented (Garoppolo) and decided to trade him away.
The big question as we enter the draft weekend is, what resources as the New England Patriots devoted to acquire a young skilled quarterback? Well, this depends on the team's evaluation and whether they'll place more focus on that position. Speaking a pre-draft press conference, Belichick said that all positions are the same and there are many interesting players in all these positions. Some players have played more than others and in different systems. With those revelations from Belichick, that means if Patriots decides that Richmond's quarterback Kyle Lauletta can fit their bill, they'll have to wait until the 2nd round to select him at No. 43 or No.63. In case they want to grab Lamar Jackson because of his special skills, they'll have to pick him with No.23.
Due to the unclear status in regards to Brady's availability this season, the Patriots might be forced to look for a quarterback who can replace him and also become their immediate starter. Currently, the name that's mentioned by many is the UCLA's Josh Rosen and he's expected to slide on the draft day, according to the NFL.com analysts. Other reports have suggested that there's a possibility of the Colts at No.6 looking to trade down once again. If Rosen will be at same number 6, the Patriots can use that opportunity to explore a trade.
It will be fascinating to watch closely how Belichick will sail through next weekend as events unfold at the Patriots camp. Is he planning to have it all? Is he trying to retain his picks and add more defensive players?` How will the unclear situation surrounding Tom Brady affect the gameplan? There are many questions on what to expect, but we will have the answers in the coming days.


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