Agent Confirms that Tom Brady will Play in the 2018 Regular Season
The celebrated Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is expected to return for another season. He will be featuring in the 2018 regular season; and this is according to his agent. As you know, there have been more questions than answers regarding the New England roster. Some top players have been feeding rumors of a potential breakaway. This has not been made easy by the internal wrangling that has also made headlines in the past few months. With all this uncertainty, one has to wonder whether the perceived disunity at New England could affect the odds for next season.
To begin with, major players like Rob Gronkowski have been going slow where early offseason preparations are concerned. Some sources indicate that the tight end could be considering hanging his boots and heading to retirement. Gronk definitely bears the blunt with his body suffering various injuries over the years. Whether he can recover his perfect form or not is anybody's guess. If indeed he feels like his body has had enough, retirement could be the best option for the veteran talented player. Having said all the above, there is still nothing official. The speculation is rife and fans cannot wait to see whether their cherished player will be back on the field for the new season.
As the patriots tight end keeps the people guessing, it is good to know for sure that Tom Brady is not going to miss the action this coming season. Just like Gronk, many had started speculating about Brady's possible retirement. As if this was not enough, some quarters suggested that coach Belichick was planning to trade the two main players. The rumors of the quarterback leaving the team were fueled by the fact that he did not attend the offseason workout sessions. Sources state that Brady was in Qatar on business. It is unlike him to miss important training sessions in the offseason and this definitely had tongues wagging. On top of that, there were reports that indicated that he had not confirmed that he would play in the 2018 season.
The reports actually stated that chances of Brady leaving the team were 25%. This had many fans worried and rightfully so. All the rumors were put to rest when Brady's agent, Don Yee confirmed that the player would play in the 2018 regular season. Yee emphasized that his client has always been open about playing until he was no longer at championship level. New England Patriots have experienced massive changes from the departure of defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to become head coach for the Lions of Detroit, to several players joining free agency. If the team was to lose Brady, this would clearly have been a blow under the belt.
Yee, confirmed that Brady was training daily and this put the rest the worries of fans and team members. The agent added that Brady's training was highly dynamic. The workouts were tailored to cater to the season demands. If Brady was going to retire, there was really no plan 'B' for the Patriots. After Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers, Brian Hoyer was the only remaining quarterback in the lineup. The head coach would have probably drafted fresh talent to fill the needs. For now, Brady stays on, but the team will soon have to get a replacement after the quarterback leaves. Whether the team will be looking to the 2018 NFL draft picks to capture top draft assets is a wait and see.


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