Rob Gronkowski's Expected Back at New England After Contract Revision
As Organized Team Activities (OTAs) start, two star players are conspicuously missing from the New England Patriots lineup. However, there is word that one player is scheduled to join the team at the soonest time possible.
Rob Gronkowski is the star player who is expected back and this is according to James Palmer who is a member of the NFL media team. According to the report by Palmer, Gronks is working on a restructuring pertaining to his contract with the Patriots. The 29 year old talent received his working contract last year on the 24th of May. To this end, his contract can only be finalized on May 24th 2018; ensuring that the incentive-laden deal is completed as desired.
This is to conform with the NFL rules that require at-least one year to elapse for a new deal to be considered and restructured for the players. Patriots players are also warming up to the OTAs that are currently going on. There is no question that New England needs Gronkowski for the next season. This is certainly the only sure way to beef up the offense. This is because the player delivers as an impact player when it comes to both the passing game and the running game. In 14 games of the last season, this talented player recorded eight touchdowns together with 1,084 yards as a receiver. The player was also notably named as the All-Pro first-team. This New England player is also set to assume a bigger role in the offense. This is because Brandin Cooks left to join the Los Angeles Rams.
On the downside, there are concerns about potential injuries that may befall Gronks. This is because he has a colored history of injuries. His frequent downtime may continue; especially because he is almost 30 years old. Keep in mind that after the last Super Bowl, Gronks was quoted to have hinted at retirement. However, the player seems to have changed his mind and was set and eager to give it another go. He will be playing as long as his contract allows him to. Gronks and Tom Brady raised eyebrows early in the off-season. The duo chose not to actively participate in the voluntary workouts of the team. This led to a number of speculation theories and it was unclear if both men were willing to continue at New England.
Ian Rapoport of the NFL Media reported that Gronks was expected back by mandatory minicamp. In the off-season, it was clear that Gronks had issues with his contract; many were saying that he expected a raise in addition to upping his contract incentives. With a new restructuring of his contract, it looks like he is in a better place to get the ball rolling. This player is certainly a great asset in New England and many fans are indeed happy that he will be part of the coming season. Regarding the other missing player, there is still no word about Brady and the OTAs. His agent however clarified weeks ago that Brady was fully committed to the team and would be playing in the coming season.


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