Brady Comes Second in the NFL MVP Odds in 2018
As the offseason activities were starting, Tom Brady was enjoying a top odds rating to win the 2018 NFL MVP. However, as the minicamp came and the OTAs wound up, the odds seemed to have changed for Brady. In fact, he was no longer the favorite to win because a new face had just surpassed him. Even though the odds are really close, Aaron Rodgers is the man to watch with the best odds of +700. Coming in second is Brady with +800 and following closely is Carson Wentz who forms part of the top three with +1000. You will remember that Rogers has previously won the MVP title in 2011 and 2014. Unfortunately, he suffered injury while with the Green Bay Packers in 2017 on the seventh game of the season. The player seems to have regained his health and is working towards his form.
With this development, one has to question the New England Patriots player odds. This NFL award is normally supposed to go to the most valuable player and the player position does not matter. However, in the recent years, the award has been notably going to the best quarterbacks of the regular season in the NFL. Players who are not quarterbacks still have a chance of winning and the top contenders include David Johnson, Tod Gurley and Le'Veon Bell of all whom are running backs. Regarding their odds, they all tie at +4000. Tom Brady has been seen as a top postseason QB and a strong contender in the regular season. Prior to his 2017 Super Bowl loss to the Eagles, Brady had won the award twice.
In hindsight, formidable players like Peyton Manning retired with five NFL MVP wins. This goes to show that at the age of 40, Brady may need a better outcome to cement his legacy in the league. When considering Rodgers, he holds the record as the highest career passer in the entire league history. His record stands at 103.8. Following closely to this record are Russel Wilson with 98.8 and Brady who has 97.6. This goes to show that if Rodgers is back in form for 2018, his ability could go well beyond all other contenders. There is no doubt that the top two contenders have the ability to outperform this season.
At week 9, the award recipient could very well be decided. This is the week where Rodgers and Brady will meet in battle at Foxborough and this will be the very first meeting in Rodgers' career. The celebrated quarterbacks have only met once before in the 2014 season at Lambeau Field in Week 13. In that game, the Packers took the win in the game with 26-21. However, New England went on to win the Super Bowl that season, asserting their dominance in the league.
Because of age and other factors, many people have questioned Brady's ability to lead the team into new victory. Until recently, many had speculated that this top player would indeed retire after an eventful career. After the speculation, the Patriots confirmed that Brady is still part of the team and will play this season. NFL MVP or not, Brady remains a favorite in New England and its fan-base.


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