Cyrus Jones Expects to Be Part of a Formidable New England Defense
The second NFL season for Cyrus Jones was not particularly exciting. He had to grapple with a right knee injury for the better part of the season. The torn ligament forced him to watch the game from the sidelines for much of the season. During this time, he got to watch his fellow New England Patriots players transform tremendously. One particular player who underwent a great transformation was his compatriot Jonathan Jones whole scaled the heights of the team's charts. The cornerback also became stronger during this time. Jones can only look back to his rookie season but he made it clear that it does not interest him. He says his goal now is to be in his best for the new season.
Last year though, Jones was not very shy when asked about his rookie season. He described it in more explicit terms especially highlighting how tormenting it was to him. At that time, Jones revealed that he sometimes lacked the motivation to move forward. This year, Jones has an uphill task ahead of him especially since he has just come off an ACL tear. Jones will be expected to overcome many hurdles in order to move on from his rookie season troubles. He has only recently moved from the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list.
Speaking about his practice sessions, Jones revealed that he was delighted to be back with the team again. Even though he only had little participation, Jones has high hopes of being considered for the cornerback position. Already, some of his teammates are almost guaranteed of spots in the team. The challenge is that quite a number of players are also in the race for the limited spots. Jones has previously proven himself to be resourceful during his rookie season. His performance at Alabama was superb and he also showed a lot of skill during the preseason Panthers game. His ability to get back in shape quickly plus his resourcefulness will once again determine his fortunes this season.
Jones will especially be expected to prove himself with as a punt return specialist. He seemed to be pretty formidable as a punt returner before his injury during the 2017 preseason. He was indeed the teams only point returner for a while during that time and he did a memorable job. He showed a lot of skill and speed as he picked a 32-yarder during a game with the Texans. Jones has indeed spent quite some time in his recent practices fielding punts. He has indicated that doing this will help his recovery.
The Patriots do not have many punt return specialists. Julian Edelman is currently in suspension, and the team might not be quick to bring him back. Other players that might be possible considerations, unfortunately, do not have enough experience. Neither of them are also capable of matching the abilities of Jones. Of course, there is a lot of expectation from the team that Jones will be up to the task when called upon for the main season duties. Jones, will his on part be eager to be on the team after a prolonged absence. He has expressed his anticipation after being away for so long.


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