Josh Gordon Joins Patriots Players This Season
This must be one of the shocking news I have encountered lately in the NFL. Wide receiver Josh Gordon made a big move to New England from Cleveland on Monday. Even though Gordon was expecting to leave the Browns, as reported by GM John Dorsey a fortnight ago, New England decided to negotiate a trade to avoid a bidding war that would have ensued as soon as the WR reached the open market. On the other hand, if the WR would have failed to negotiate a deal by Monday at 4 PM, he could have been cut off. With the Patriots coming to his rescue, which no one seemed to have seen coming, Gordon is a valuable replacement for the suspended Julian Edelman. Patriot players this season should now be contented to have hired a skilled WR to make a difference in one of the weaker receiving teams in the league. He might not match tight end Rob Gronkowski, but he is worth the move.
Josh GordonJosh Gordon WR #40
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 225 lb
College: Utah
Drafted: 2012 / Round: 2
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Another surprising thing about the trade were the terms of the agreement. The former Brown WR was exchanged for a fifth round pick in the 2019 NFL draft. To make matters worse, the Browns were willing to trade him even for a sixth round pick, but the Patriots had already traded that option.
Undoubtedly, Gordon is a difference maker, but it is important to note that he only has one ban to go before he is slapped with an indefinite suspension from the league. Most of his violations point towards substance abuse, which he should try as much as possible to avoid because it will jeopardize his career. Cleveland Browns drafted the wide receiver in the 2012 Supplement draft, and by 2013, his explosive talent had already propelled him to be All-Pro. As a cautionary measure, unless Gordon stays clean, the offense of the Patriots would be in problems.
It would be unfair to compared Gordon’s trade to Randy Moss because for the last seven seasons, the WR has not only demonstrated unique talent, but also unique troubles. Furthermore, Moss was impeccably talented and almost unmatchable to date. On the other hand, a healthy and focused Gordon still keeps features among NFL’s Top 10 Wide Receivers. Even though he seems as a runner-up to the finest. Bill Belichick needs him this season.
From his medical report, Josh Gordon’s MRI came back minor. Last week, he sustained an injury in his leg while taking part in a photo-shoot, which made him delay for the practice session. Even though it was unclear whether Gordon was intoxicated again, it Dorsey seems to have already made up his mind about the trade.
So far, the Patriots have not announced whether Gordon will debut in their matchup with the Detroit Lions in Week 3. Nevertheless, if he is given a chance, maybe for a few minutes. Currently, he can continue to transition into the new squad, as he familiarizes with the new management. Gordon is a huge talent and his arrival at New England is an overwhelming boost to the receiving core. However, NFL fans must be patient before the fruits of this trade starts to show because it is still early in the season and anything could happen.


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