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Who is Rob Gronkowski? The New England Patriots are the best team in the NFL at the moment, so it would make sense to take some time and scrutinize some of its more significant players.
Rob Gronkowski joined the Patriots in 2010 during the second round of the NFL Draft. It only took him a year to cement his reputation on the team. By 2011, Gronk’s 17 receiving touchdowns achieved in a single season had already elevated him beyond any other tight end New England had ever seen.
Rob GronkowskiRob Gronkowski (Gronk)
Tight End
6-6, 265lb (198cm, 120kg)
With over ten touchdowns and a thousand receiving yards to his name in three seasons, it could be argued that Gronk is the best tight end the NFL has ever seen. And he has managed to expand his brand beyond the confines of football.
The athlete is pretty commonplace in Dunkin Donuts marketing campaigns. The NFL has also used him to promote its mobile app, not to mention the Coca-Cola energy drink named after him.
People like Gronk. Not only is he talented but he has a fun-loving personality.
Before making it big on the national stage, Rob Gronkowski was a high school student trying to prove his worth in the school gymnasium. Back then, it wasn’t that hard to see the power behind his abilities. During one particular game between Williamsville North and Williamsville East (Buffalo, New York), Gronk, who was playing for Will North dunked so powerfully during warm-ups that the backboard shattered.
The game had to be canceled and Gronk earned himself quite a number of boos. People did not know what to make of him. Gronk had a tendency to ragdoll every opponent he faced.
And it wasn’t long before every team the athlete faced began to devise strategies designed to basically steer the plays as far away from him as possible. Of course, that did not stop Gronkowski from upending everyone’s best-laid plans and making victims out of even the most formidable players.
As a football player, Gronk found that, despite his offensive prowess, he had more fun blocking. That was where he elicited the most satisfaction. Funnily enough, people were always asking the athlete to take it easy.They couldn’t stop Gronk from roughing up the fools that came against him. Despite the bruising he delivered, all Gronk’s plays were perfectly legal. And naturally, Gronk was never one to take things easy on his opponents.
In one game against Fox Chapel High School, a player tried to stop Gronk by jumping on his back. Gronk happily carried him into the end zone. And that one was lucky. Another running back was blasted into the fence on the sideline.
For a long time now, it has been clear that most football players are children compared to Gronkowski. He is just too physically superior. The fact that he augments that physical power with intellectual might only exacerbates his opponents’ problems.
People like to call Gronk a Neanderthal. And maybe they have good reason to use that language. After all, it sometimes feels like Gronkowski is one move away from ending another player’s career.
But that is why the Patriots are holding onto him so tightly. He is definitely a powerhouse.
Right now, with both Brady and Gronk on their side, it is difficult to imagine New England losing. Gronk already set the single-season record for receiving yards by a tight end (1,327) back in 2011.
He has also already led the NFL in receiving touchdowns, becoming the first tight end in the league’s history to achieve such a feat. The athlete has spent his entire career proving that he might be one of the most intimidating superstars in the world.
As a high school student, he was always the adult playing children in a game he was almost too good at. Mike Mammoliti from Will North remembers the way Gronk caught a poor chap from Clarence High (N.Y.) near the sidelines and threw him into the air as he laughed.
Woodland Hills Coach George Novak saw him drive a defensive end 20 yards downfield, not only sprawling on top of him but practically retiring him from the game. This isn’t a case of a sports personality that took years to find his stride.
Looking at the past, it almost feels like Rob Gronkowski came into this world already fully-formed as an athlete. Sure, he’s gotten better with the passing of time. But that only makes him more frightening.
If he persists in the NFL for the next decade, how much more powerful will he get and what will that mean for the game of football?