Patriots WR Chris Hogan
Patriots player, WR Chris Hogan focuses on coming back to the game action for the season.
For Chris Hogan, the end-of-year celebrations came early.
The player is a wide receiver for the Patriots. On Wednesday, he took part in his first training after sustaining a shoulder injury when playing against the Chargers on October 29th.
Chris HoganChris Hogan 7-Eleven
Wide Receiver
6-1, 210lb (185cm, 95kg)
Monmouth (NJ)
Hogans return was so significant considering the fact that Rob Gronkowski was suspended for Monday nights match against the Dolphins for a late knockout in Sunday's victory against the Bills.
Yeah, getting back out there on the field, I can compare it with my first day in school. Said Hogan. I was delighted to be out there. The contender in you craves to come back despite all. For my case, it is a day-to-day, just making an effort to improve and surely, I can ensure that I can return to the field with these fellows.
Hogan was reported to have had an AC joint sprain and without him, the Patriots were really in a poor condition. They rarely had sufficient receivers and chiefly engaged the three players like Danny Amendola, Brandin Cooks and Philip Dorsett.
In my opinion, that is what is exceptional about this team. Colleagues are willing and are in a position to make it even better by playing more matches. Hogan said. You can look at the list of our players who have been able to take on more responsibilities even at crucial times to ensure our team performs better or emerge the winners.
Tom Brandy would assuredly be delighted if Hogan can get prepared for the match against Miami. With the fact that Gronkowski is out, the offense requires all the aid that it can take. Hogan had eight passes for seventy-four yards and Brandy's only touchdown pass.
In this changing room, we have a good a number of guys who are more than able to play much. Hogan said. Obviously, Gonk is an ignoble offense for us, however, guys will improve.
The past one month has been so challenging for Hogan. He took most of his time being treated after his shoulder injury, participating in team's meetings as well as watching match film.
Hogan managed to get thirty-three catches for four hundred and thirty-eight touchdowns. At the time of his injury, the five touchdowns were tied for sixth in the NFL. In the previous season, Hogan did the best by making the 680 yards. In fact, in the current season, he was on speed for 876 yards after eight matches.
Yeah, I had no other option but just to accept. Hogan said.It is football. Some things will possibly occur. Just doing the best to always get better. Just doing everything possible to remain fit for the upcoming events.
Playing against Miami is not guaranteed for Hogan. However, the fact that he has come back to practice (and talked with the media) is a good indicator that is about to be well. He stated that he felt stable.
It was awesome. Focused on upcoming matches and just striving to perfect for Miami Monday night. He stated. The guys have been doing so well. It has been entertaining watching them but it is even quite fun being out there.


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