Bill Belichick Wants to Stay with the Pats Despite Rumored Disagreements
The Patriots coach Bill Belichick could be leaving New England for the Giants, according to an ESPN report. After rumors of his disagreements with club owner Robert Kraft and QB Tom Brady, do you think Bill Belichick could jump ship to the Giants?
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On Monday, coach Belichick reacted to the report through a conference call to reporters that he still has the New England Patriots at heart and hopes to come back in 2018. As stated in the ESPN report, Kraft suggested trading Jimmy Garoppolo, which left the coach devastated and angry, which could affect Patriots Odds. When asked about the directive, Belichick brushed off any further questions about it saying that he has already explained the situation and has nothing more to add.
On Friday, Kraft, Belichick and Brady made a joint statement to refute any claims by the media or any other fraternity about alleged disagreements among them. The report suggested that the main reason for Kraft’s decision to trade Garoppolo is to keep Brady less threatened. Coach Bill Belichick did not take the matter positively and his frustration has led to his possible departure from New England. On Saturday, Kraft expressed that the misconstrued idea that Belichick is leaving is farfetched and he believes the Patriots will retain him for the 2018 season. Kraft also said that he did not order Belichick to trade Garoppolo with the intention of saving Brady.
On Saturday night, the Patriots will play in the AFC divisional round playoffs against the Tennessee Titans. In his weekly interview at sports radio WEEI, Belichick expressed that for the last 18 years, he has experienced a “Great! Great!” relationship with Brady and Kraft. He went ahead to thank owner Robert Kraft for supporting him all the years and appreciated Brady’s dedication as the quarterback for almost two decades and improving Patriots Odds. He also praised the owner and the QB for their help over the years on personal grounds as well as Alex Guerrero’s professional relationship with him.
Meanwhile, CEO Mara, GM Gettleman and his assistant Kevin Abrams traveled to interview the Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in Foxborough. Even after the Colts interviewed him, McDaniels remains the top candidate to take over at the Giants, while Patricia could leave for Detroit. Losing both coordinators could be another ripe reason for Belichick’s rumored decision to leave New England; but again, if he exits, McDaniels becomes his favorite replacement. The ESPN report clearly elaborates the intrigues in New England, which has stirred dysfunction that points towards Belichick’s potential departure, which could affect Patriots Odds for next season.
As Belichick tries to keep his cool amid the crumbling of his dynasty with the Patriots, the Giants are celebrating an attractive opportunity. Even though they finished the season with a 3-13, they have been awarded the No. 2 pick because they have a stable franchise with tradition. The timely events have created a tantalizing state of affairs that requires calculated timing for the Giants because it will be undoubtedly regrettable if the hire a coach now, then Belichick freely leaves the Patriots. On the other hand, if they decide to hold their cards as they wait for news to unfold, they will miss hiring other potential candidates if Belichick stays. The most important thing for CEO Mara and his team is to seek authentic information now and decide on their fate as soon as possible.


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