Brady Puts an End to the Debate about Greatest Quarterback of all Time
The New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, bringing an end to their quest to win six Super Bowls at least for another year.
Despite losing the Super Bowl, The Patriots odds look good as they are considered the favorites to win the Super Bowl once again.
Even though the Patriots lost, it is fair to say that the debate over who the greatest quarterback in NFL history is officially over.
In a losing effort, Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady threw for a Super Bowl record 505 yards and three touchdowns, which would have been more than enough for another Super Bowl MVP award had the Patriots won the game.
Last year, Brady broke a tie with Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for most Super Bowl wins by a quarterback, but there were still some that felt Montana was still the greatest quarterback of all time.
However, with Brady making it to his eighth Super Bowl in his 18 year career, it is impossible to ignore the fact that he is the greatest.
If we are being technical about it, Brady has made the Super Bowl in half of his active career, because he didn’t start during his rookie season, and missed the entire 2008 season. In fact, Brady has played in 15 percent of the Super Bowls, which is quite impressive.
In his eight Super Bowl appearances, Brady has thrown for over 2,500 yards and has 18 touchdowns and five interceptions, which dwarfs any other quarterback’s numbers in the Super Bowl.
If we are going by wins, Brady already has more career wins than Montana. Yards are another statistical category Brady outshines Montana in. Granted that the rules have been changed since Montana’s playing days and even average quarterbacks are throwing for 4,000 yards, Brady has still thrown more than 20,000 more yards than Montana.
Basically, Brady has not only passed Montana in every statistical category including Super Bowl wins, so there is no question who the best quarterback between the two are.
Now, Brady is ultimately playing for his legacy as the greatest football player ever.
At 40-years-old, most quarterbacks are either retired or on the verge of retirement. Brady on the other hand, just picked up his third MVP award after leading his team to the best record in the NFL and leading the league in passing yards.
If Brady can play a few more years like he plans to, he will be able to break the record for most passing yards in a career and all-time passing touchdowns.
The craziest thing about Brady’s accomplishments is that he was able to break all the records without getting as much help as Montana.
One thing that is lost in the conversation about the greatest player of all time is the fact that Montana played with Jerry Rice, who is the greatest wide receiver of all time for most of his career.
Brady never had that type of talent on offense except for the year he had Randy Moss. He broke the record for most touchdowns in a season with Moss as his top receiver, so imaging what he would have done with the record books if he had moss for his entire career.


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