Patriot’s Dion Lewis Might Hit Free Agency
The top running back of New England has become an unrestricted free agent this season. This might change Patriots odds to win Super Bowl.
In fact, the New England Patriots are set to address quite a long list of free agents in the next few weeks. This is because many of their core rotational players are expected to hit free agency, among them is the star running back Dion Lewis. He is the player that is credited to have led the NFL team during the heated 2017 NFL season in rushing touchdowns (6), rushing yards (896) and rushing attempts (180). Dion Lewis was ranked 6th in the National Football League in the category of all-purpose yards gained, he had 1680.
By simple logic, the New England Patriots ought to seriously consider Dion Lewis to be a high priority for the team’s success currently and in the future. Unfortunately, Ian Rapoport of the NFL network tells of a different story. The 27-year old running back has not been engaged in any kind of contract talks by New England Patriots team and will hit free agency in the month of March.
Earlier in his Patriots career, Dion Lewis was smart by signing an early contract extension. However, he suffered a devastating knee injury in a game that ended his season quite early. Things are very different this time because the Patriots have not engaged in contract talks hence he is set to be a free agent. However, he says that he is very proud of his performance on the football field that has made him quite ready for this current situation. He knows he performed quite well in the 2017 season and this will do him good in the free agency market.
The report might come from Rapoport’s Super Bowl Sunday but it sounds quite confident that it makes one belief that it might actually happen to the team. Dion might be a free agent so that his value on the market is determined and he can then make a return to the New England Patriots with a reasonable asking price. This similar approach has initially been used successfully by the New England Patriots in the retention of both linebacker Dont’a Hightower and Devin McCourty. Probably this is why they are thinking of doing the same with Dion Lewis, who knows?
Whether the New England Patriots decide to keep Dion or let him hit the free market is hard to tell at this moment. We will have to patiently wait and see how the situation unfolds. Lewis put a good campaign during the NFL’s 2017 season. He delivered in all his key roles i.e. kick returner and running back. This is why it is highly likely that the New England Patriots will take him up after he hits the free agency market and comes with a distinct offer. The Patriots will fight to acquire his athletic services in the football field in the same manner they did in the previous offseason with Hightower. <


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