Could McDaniels be Lining up to Take Over From Belichick?
The decision by Josh McDaniels to back out from a deal with the Indianapolis Colts at the last minute has raised many questions.
McDaniels who was supposed to take up the head coach position with the Colts is no longer moving to Indianapolis. Instead, he has decided to remain as the offensive coordinator in New England. According to rumors, this move could imply that he is waiting for Bill Belichick's retirement so that he can take over. For now, Belichick is not going anywhere because he intendeds to serve in the coming season. The 2018 season will be his 19th season with the Patriots.
With just a year left to his contract, Belichick is one of the two oldest coaches in the NFL. Seattle's Pete Carroll is the oldest at 66 and Belichick follows at 65. McDaniels has been emerging as a formidable name where coaching is concerned over a couple of years now. Keep in mind that he has literally spent his whole life around football. With him as head coach, the Patriots odds could be boosted greatly. McDaniels certainly has the advantage of age, being only 41 years old. He has created a name for himself in the NFL and is recognized as a brilliant mind. He also has the trust and loyalty from Tom Brady. Recently, Brady was quoted saying that McDaniels is a great friend and an awesome coach.
For now, McDaniels hopes that this big gamble will indeed deliver him to the top job at New England. He has turned down lucrative opportunities in the NFL to remain where he is; and this should count for something in the long run. McDaniels had already brought on board several assistants to help him with the Colts. Indianapolis general manager Chris Ballard says that the shift by McDaniels will not affect the contracts of these assistants. The offensive coordinator was certainly criticized for abandoning the assistant coaches.
Former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis in a radio show stated that McDaniels' sudden shift was unbelievable. Upon seeking comment from McDaniels' agent, there was no response. The offensive coordinator will be remembered for being the long-term assistant to Belichick with 15 years under the head coach. Through this tenure, he was part of five Super Bowl wins by New England. From 2009 to 2011, he joined Denver Broncos as the coach. After being fired by Denver, he became the offensive coordinator with the Rams in 2011. He headed back to New England in 2012.
In Belichick's tenure, it is hard to find personnel with institutional memory being let go easily. In addition, letting go of the offensive coach would be a huge blow to Brady. Despite the Super Bowl loss, the Patriots managed 613 yards and this was orchestrated by McDaniels. Brady and the offensive coordinator do not always see eye to eye. A public heated exchange was noted between them after they defeated Buffalo in the past season. Brady was quick to apologize affirming the diligence of McDaniels. Brady was also not shy to admit his love for the promising offensive coordinator; and probably a Patriots head coach prospect in the near future.


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