2018 NFL Draft Order
This season's NFL Draft is around the corner and we all know what this means for the betting odds of each team, not to mention new England Patriots with their batch of picks under their sleave... Just that alone makes it worth while, but thta doens't mean there won't be any suprises for this years Draft.

Bill Belichick Pursues a Suitable Quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft
With Brandin Cooks already traded to the Rams, the New England Patriots have secured a first-round pick for a suitable quarterback. The 2018 market for a QB is now the focus for Bill Belichick, and it seems they still want to make more trades. Brandin Cooks trade to the Rams had implications in the NFL, which almost affected the Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. as well as the Cardinals. It is important to note that even Gronkowski almost became part of the deal. However, as we prepare to see the new Patriots players for the next season, let us examine the implications for the first-round drafted quarterbacks.

Patriots Players: Where do the Patriots' Stand on Wide Receivers after Brandin Cooks' Departure?
New England may not need to acquire a new wide receiver after trading Brandin Cooks. There are certainly mixed opinions on this, considering Cooks' prowess in the position. The Patriots definitely have traded a strong player in this regard. However, the reason why they may not be too vulnerable after Cooks' departure has to do with their other able talents. They have three players who were formerly first-round picks. In the team, two more formidable New England Players complete the depth chart. Players are therefore competing to be named as part of the roster in the WR slot. One notable free agent is Jordan Matthews who met with the team earlier in the week. The competition for wider receiver in New England is on and below is a breakdown of the depth chart.

Patriots Next Move to Trade Gronk Would Not Be Favorable to Belichick
New England Patriots are doing all the efforts to perform well in the next season. Many speculations are coming up for the New England players for next season. It is believed that the coach Belichick might have an encounter with Gronkowski.

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Keen to Draft a Quarterback
Robert Kraft, the CEO and owner of the New England Patriots, has finally bowed to pressure by expressing that it is high time he drafts a QB. Apart from veteran quarterback Tom Brady (who is now 40 years old) has been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the NFL
three times, Kraft only has quarterback Brian Hoyer left on the roster. The CEO must be having a great plan for patriots players for next season.

Patriots Shed Significant Players to Free Agency in 2018
2018 has seen New England lose up to four top players to free agency. The season will be very different for coach Belichick and the rest of the team. With a totally revamped roster, what will the impact be? The head coach is steering and embracing the significant changes. This is Belichick's 19th season of guiding the team's operations of football. The high flying players who are bidding the team farewell include Nate Solder, Danny Amendola, Malcom Butler and Dion Lewis. These changes are similar to the 2015 off-season where up to 5 top players also signed with other teams. These players played a pivotal role in winning the previous Super Bowl and they include Wilfork, Vereen, Ayers, Browner and Revis.

Cameron Fleming Now Moves To Dallas Cowboys From New England Patriots
The New England Patriots have lost Cameron Fleming, an explosive offensive lineman to join the Dallas Cowboys. This has created a lot of discussion in this offseason after Nate Solder a left tackle also moved to New York Giants in the free agency. This was a quick signing for the Giants since they desperately needed an offensive upgrade. Solder is also the highest earning offensive lineman courtesy of the New York Giants. They once tried to sign a guard Andrew Norell, but they missed it and they had to press hard to land on Solder. As the highest paid NFL offensive lineman, Solder was nowhere near such a lucrative deal with the Patriots because that is not the way they operate. With this development, it will be interesting to follow New England odds in the next season.

Patriots Preparation and Team for This Season
Here is a quick visit to the Patriots to have a better understanding of the Patriots players for this season.

The Most Likely Patriots Lineup After the 2018 NFL Draft
The Patriots fans have to come to terms with the situation at their favorite team sooner rather than later. The New England defensive start list is quite packed and there are chances that new Patriots players will be selected in the initial rounds of the NFL Draft. This could mean that a new player will be taking up a first-team spot in the already packed team. Even if that does not happen, there is already enough players at the back. The roster features several players who are all looking to make the first team.

Can Patriots Survive Without Gronkowski?
Last season, the New England Patriots were considered the favorites to win the Super Bowl because they were the defending champions and they added players like Brandin Cooks in the offseason, giving them more depth than they had the previous year.

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