Can Edelman Get His Suspension Overturned?
The New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl last season, which prevented them from winning their second consecutive Super Bowl and third Super Bowl in four seasons. Despite the loss, the Patriots are once again the favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Despite Having to Fight for Roster Spot Again, Langi Glad to Be Back
Last season,Harvey Langi, a rookie linebacker for the New England Patriots, had one of the toughest rookie seasons in the league. And after beating the odds to make the 53 man roster last season, plans to do it again this year.

Rob Gronkowski's Expected Back at New England After Contract Revision
As Organized Team Activities (OTAs) start, two star players are conspicuously missing from the New England Patriots lineup. However, there is word that one player is scheduled to join the team at the soonest time possible.

Patriots Hire New Assistant Coach
The New England Patriots have been the best team in the NFL for almost two decades, thanks to head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, who are both considered to be the greatest at their positions.

Agent Confirms that Tom Brady will Play in the 2018 Regular Season
The celebrated Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is expected to return for another season. He will be featuring in the 2018 regular season; and this is according to his agent. As you know, there have been more questions than answers regarding the New England roster. Some top players have been feeding rumors of a potential breakaway. This has not been made easy by the internal wrangling that has also made headlines in the past few months. With all this uncertainty, one has to wonder whether the perceived disunity at New England could affect the odds for next season.

Will the Patriots Go for Another Top QB during the 2018 NFL Draft?
Following the recent events at the Patriots, there is a feeling that the team is entering the NFL draft with a very unique amount of firepower. They're definitely facing an unusual problem. The word has it that Tom Brady will not be returning for 2018 NFL season. According to Adam Schefter from ESPN, Brady has not yet shown commitment to playing in the 2018 NFL season, although some people especially those around him feel that he will be back. So far there is no official communication from Brady's camp concerning his status. Despite this report, Patriots Vegas odds still remain high, with many people going for the Patriots as the favorite team to win 2018 NFL title.

Bill Belichick Considering Trading Brady and Gronkowski
The New England Patriots have enjoyed a lot of success since they hired Bill Belichick to be their head coach. Belichick helped turn one of the worst franchises in the NFL to the gold standard thanks to his ability to get players to buy into his system.

2018 NFL Draft Could Bring Radical Roster Changes in New England
The Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick has the power to draft from the top 10 NFL picks. This means that he will have access to some of the best fresh talents in the league. Consequently, old guard quarterback like Brady and tight end Gronkowski may not have the leverage they think they have. Most people agree that new talent is a better asset going forward. But, the big question is, can Belichick pull a fast one to radically restructure the team? Could the Patriots for next season be composed of new faces? The answer is yes. Anything is possible.

Top 5 People Who Helped in Creating Patriots Dynasty
When we think about the New England Patriots dominance, the popular names that come to our mind are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. But, we also agree that there are more personalities who have helped the Pats to sustain its dominance in the NFL. The Patriots have become the most insufferable football machine in the NFL history. Are they unstoppable? Five weeks before the season kicks off, many felt that New England was the favorite to win the 2018 season. It's almost seventeen years since they won their very first Super Bowl title and continued to win 10 more after playing more than 160 regular season. With such an impressive history of winning Super Bowl trophy, New England Patriots Vegas odds have been high in 2018 NFL season.

Several QB Options Available for the Patriots at the 2018 NFL Draft
As the New England Patriots prepare to enter the NFL Draft, a few issues are evident. The first one is the imminent departure of Tom Brady which is bound to happen unless he declares otherwise. Reports from ESPN have indicated that the quarterback cannot be counted as part of the team since he is yet to commit to playing this season. It is the expectation of most people that he will return, but the chances of him not returning are equally high. Already, the Patriots are dealing with the effects of Jimmy Garoppolo's departure as has been observed in the Patriots Vegas odds. They need to get a good QB in order to compete in the current season. The Draft thus presents the best opportunity for Bill Belichick to do what is needed.

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